Some of the things I have learned about charter schools in the last two days

Larry Cuban website charter school cartoon

1. That choice and flexibility in how schools are run is what kids need to learn.
2. That mud and water are what boys need to learn.
3. That the retired maths professor across the road wants to come and teach as a volunteer at his local school.
4. That charter schools will have fabulous architecture.
5. That teacher aides write fabulous lesson plans.
6. That the govt wants quality teaching and well qualified teachers but teaching, according to our govt, is not a profession that requires standards, competency, ethics, registration.
7. That children do not need qualified registered teachers to support their learning.
8. That Deborah Coddington, via twitter, described herself as an unfit parent. This, of course, was just time out from criticising registered teachers.
9. That evangelicals, meditation experts, Maxim, rich Americans, and the business roundtable are amongst those looking forward to saving NZ children from the ills of a secular well-rounded well-regarded public education system.
10. That as I write this the list keeps growing .... add your own