ASPCA 2011 Schedule A: Allowances


1     Where applicable to the school, the Principal shall receive an allowance calculated and payable in accordance with the isolation allowance applying to teachers in the school.

2     The Board shall pay a compassionate grant to the estate of the Principal in the event that the Principal dies while employed by the Board. This grant shall be payable in accordance with the compassionate grant provisions applying to teachers in the school.

For Female Principals

3     A maternity grant is payable to female Principals on production of a birth certificate or evidence of an approved adoption placement, whether she is granted maternity leave without pay or resigns because of pregnancy or adoption except as follows: the maternity grant is not payable where the Principal has not produced a medical certificate confirming pregnancy, or confirmation from the relevant government department or ministry of suitability as an adoptive parent, before commencing leave or resigning. No provision is made for a maternity grant in the case of a miscarriage.

4     The amount of the maternity grant is calculated on the basis of six weeks full salary at the rate applicable at the date of birth (or placement in the case of adoption) to the position from which the Principal was granted leave of absence or resigned as the case may be. However, a woman who works less than full normal hours for reasons associated with the pregnancy, prior to taking parental leave, may have her case for full payment considered by the board. When the Principal is absent on maternity leave for less than six weeks (30 working days), the full grant equivalent to six weeks salary

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