Employment information

This folder contains Collective Agreements negotiated on behalf of PPTA members and associated guidance, documents and forms regarding your terms and conditions of employment.

Collective agreements are legal documents that set out the conditions of employment, salary rates and rights and entitlements for PPTA members.

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Agreements ( 8 Files )

The actual agreements negotiated by PPTA on behalf of members
Hours of work

Hours of work ( 29 Files )

Hours of work includes information on non-contact time; class size; timetabling; the meaning of endeavour and consultation; and duties when your school is not open for instruction.    Most recently added have been information and guidance regarding changes to the Employment Relations Act to allow rest, meal and breastfeeding breaks.  Also added is a document on local proposals for changes to the school day.
Salaries and Allowances

Salaries and Allowances ( 6 Files )

Contains guidance on implementing the terms and conditions of the Colllective Agreements  in relation to salary and allowances.  Teacher salary; Senior Management Allowances; Middle Management Allowances; Calculation of part-time teacher salary; and Transfer and removal expenses.
Specialist Classroom Teacher

Specialist Classroom Teacher ( 5 Files )

Documents about the specialist classroom teacher (SCT) role and application forms (including study reimbursement forms)


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Ministerial taskforce on secondary teacher remuneration - appendices Ministerial taskforce on secondary teacher remuneration - appendices

Date added: 09/15/2008
Date modified: 11/28/2008
Filesize: 149.2 kB
Downloads: 4906
(2003)    Appendices to the Ministerial taskforce on secondary teacher remuneration - includes terms of reference; list of members;  documents tabled; list of submitters; executive summary of survey.

Ministerial taskforce on secondary teacher remuneration Ministerial taskforce on secondary teacher remuneration

Date added: 09/15/2008
Date modified: 03/18/2009
Filesize: 573.4 kB
Downloads: 4757
(2003)    The PPTA and the Secretary for Education agreed, in the Terms of Settlement of the Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement  2002-2004 (STCA), to a Ministerial Taskforce to examine and report on a number of issues related to secondary teachers' remuneration which had been raised but not fully explored or addressed during the negotiations and settlement of the STCA.    

Specifically; "The Minister of Education shall convene a taskforce to examine and report on secondary teachers' remuneration.  This Taskforce will examine and report on how the government can address wagepaths, and the impact on remuneration of workload, supply, demand, curriculum delivery, qualifications and other directly related issues that arise." 

Medical Retirement (forms) Medical Retirement (forms)

Date added: 10/16/2008
Date modified: 10/16/2008
Filesize: Unknown
Downloads: 2426
(Ministry of Education website)   
This page provides information and application forms for the Medical Retirement-Serious Illness provisions that are available for employees covered by the Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement or the Area School Teachers' Collective Agreement.

Local proposals for changes to the school day Local proposals for changes to the school day

Date added: 11/06/2008
Date modified: 11/06/2008
Filesize: 266.93 kB
Downloads: 4387
(October 2008)    The Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement (STCA) requires that schools have a timetable policy developed in consultation with the teaching staff and there must be a review mechanism for such school policy. Where there is a proposal to change the operational times of the school this would require a change to the school's timetable policy and this will require consultation between the teaching staff and the employer.   
This advice is to guide you through what would be expected in such a consultation process on changes to school times. It contains advice on the legal and industrial constraints around proposals to change the school day, a list of reasons that have recently been raised with branches for changes to the teaching times in some schools and advice on how branches and schools should approach any local suggestion to change the school's normal operating times.

Letter to Anne Tolley regarding proposed staffing cuts 2011 Letter to Anne Tolley regarding proposed staffing cuts 2011

Date added: 08/31/2009
Date modified: 08/31/2009
Filesize: 33.7 kB
Downloads: 5471
(27 July 2009)  Dear Minister 
Thank you for your response to my letter seeking details of the 1.5% staffing cut proposed for 2011. I am disappointed that you were not in a position to provide any detail about your intentions.
You will appreciate that the prospect of the loss of up to 700 front line teaching positions is causing some alarm in secondary schools. Members whose jobs may be at risk are looking to me to provide some reassurance and, if possible, certainty. With that in mind, I wish to make a number of brief points, which cover both matters of fact and perception, since both have impact on how our members view the prospect of cuts to teaching jobs.
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