STCA 2013 Appendix G: Staffing Mergers

1.1 Operation of staffing merger processes

1.1.1 The purpose of these provisions is to:
(a) Provide a staffing-merger process that facilitates a fair and orderly transition;

(b) Ensure an appropriate management structure is in place to enable the re-organised school to function efficiently and effectively;

(c) Ensure continuity of curriculum delivery at the merging schools prior to merger;

(d) Ensure that as many teachers as possible currently employed are re-assigned or reconfirmed to positions in the process of merger;

(e) Ensure the curriculum, management and pastoral needs of the reorganised school are met.

1.1.2 Except as provided below, the staffing merger process outlined in this Appendix shall be followed from the date of the Gazetting of the merger.

1.1.3 The term 'merging schools' includes the merging school(s) before the date of merger; 'merged school' is the continuing school from the date of merger.

1.1.4 A merger committee will be established to implement the processes in this Appendix.