STCA 2015 Part Six: Leave

6.5 Leave for Family Reasons

6.5.1 A teacher may be granted leave for family reasons subject to meeting the requirements as provided for in clauses 6.5.2 - 6.5.5 below. Relieving teachers in Groups 1 and 2 may be granted leave for family reasons as for permanent teachers. Applications for leave from relieving teachers in Group 3 are to be referred to the Secretary for Education.

(a) Definition - for the purposes of section 6.5, the terms "near relative" and "near relative-in-law" mean the teacher's:

Grandparents; Father-in-law; Sons-in-law;
Grandchildren; Mother-in-law; Daughters-in-law.

The terms do not exist beyond those degrees of relationship.

6.5.2 Serious Illness

(a) A teacher may be granted leave with pay on account of serious accident or a crisis in a severe illness of a:

(i) partner, child, parent, brother or sister - two days;
(ii) a near relative, near relative-in-law or a member of the teacher's household - one day.

(b) The maximum period of leave on full pay that may be granted for this purpose, including travelling time, is seven days.

6.5.3 Leave for Sickness in the Home

(a) The employer may grant a teacher leave with pay as a charge against the teacher's sick leave entitlement when the teacher must be absent from work to care for a person who is sick or injured and who depends on the teacher for care.

(b) Approval is not to be given for absences during or in connection with the birth of a teacher's child. Such situations should be covered by leave granted under clauses 6.3.6, 6.3.8 or 6.8.

6.5.4 Recurring Serious Illness

When a teacher applies for several periods of leave because of recurring illness in the family the employer has a discretion as to how many times leave with pay is granted in the same school year, having regard for the welfare of the school or class concerned.

Note: The production of a medical certificate or other evidence of illness may be required in the case of leave granted in terms of clauses 6.5.2, 6.5.3 and 6.5.4.

6.5.5 Important Family and Other Occasions

A teacher may be granted one day's paid leave per year plus travelling time in terms of clause 6.9 below for the following occasions. Relieving and fixed-term full-time teachers in Groups 1 and 2 may be granted leave for important family and other occasions as for permanent teachers.

(a) Their own wedding (or civil union) or that of their child, a sibling, parent, grandchild or grandparent;

(b) Their parents' golden or diamond wedding anniversary;

(c) Their own ordination, vice-regal investiture, admission to the bar or capping or that of their partner, child, sibling or parent;

(d) Attendance at court for an adoption order;

(e) Rosh Hashonah and Yom Kippur for teachers of the Jewish faith