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News and views from PPTA president Angela Roberts.

Includes the PPTA News viewpoint and his responses to various education issues raised in the media.

(Angela began her presidency mid January 2013)



Shabby charter school quango feels the heat

PPTA president Angela Roberts asks why the Ministry is keeping a struggling charter school open - despite the cost to students, the New Zealand education system and the New Zealand taxpayer.

Shabby charter school experiment continues

A further shabby chapter in the tale of the New Zealand charter school experiment has played out over the last month.

Charter school being 'run' by the Ministry of Education

It turns out that, despite receiving $1.3 million to set up their school, and having used $600,000 of that money to buy a farm, the charter school at Whangaruru has dysfunctional management and, apart from two weeks at the beginning of the year, has been run by an employee of the Ministry of Education.

Disgracefully, this information has only come to light because of an Official Information Act (OIA) request — despite the fact that the Education Review Office should have completed a “readiness review” in the first six weeks of the school’s operation. That document should have been available at least by the end of March but it’s clearly been kept under wraps, presumably to avoid causing any political discomfort.

Both ERO and the Ministry of Education seem to be bending over backwards to provide secret assistance to this school while pretending publicly that everything is just dandy.