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News and views from PPTA president Angela Roberts.

Includes the PPTA News viewpoint and his responses to various education issues raised in the media.

(Angela began her presidency mid January 2013)



When a spade's a spade. Teaching is the best job in the world

PPTA president Angela Roberts "calls a spade a spade" and comments on the status of teaching.  It is time for the Ministry of Education to stop making excuses and step up to ensure that every teacher can enjoy the best job in the world.

When a spade's a spade

From my experience teachers tend to be a straight talking bunch. Sure we can spout jargon when necessary (ERO visits spring to mind), and have a wide array of acronyms to call on when required. But dealing with teenagers day to day means most of the time we are pretty direct "” after all, that's what we get back in return.

But this directness can land us in trouble. It's our "comments", according to the Ministry of Education, that make graduates not want to go teaching. A document about teacher recruitment, from mid-2012 released under the Official Information Act states: "The unfavourable views [on a career in teaching] of students and graduates are shaped by negative comments from existing teachers, by adverse media reports and the criticism of sector unions."

Yes, that's right. People don't want to go teaching because of bad-mouthing by teachers and unions.

This is yet another zenith of delusion, and it's not as if they don't know better.

In 2006 the ministry and Teachers Council researched public perceptions on the status of teachers. Overall, while having a low status in terms of fame, money and power, teaching was seen as a great career for the ability to make a difference and to have interesting, enjoyable work.

However, there were three main barriers identified to choosing a teaching career and they are hardly a surprise: pay, student behaviour problems and lack of support and appreciation from the public.


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