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Image Angela Roberts PPTA president 2013-2014

News and views from PPTA president Angela Roberts.

Includes the PPTA News viewpoint and his responses to various education issues raised in the media.

(Angela began her presidency mid January 2013)



Authorisation bought

PPTA president Angela Roberts discusses the political panel, in this case the charter school authorisation board, paid to make politically invested decisions without any accountability for those decisions.

Supporting teacher and leader appointment processes in schools

One of the problems with Tomorrow’s Schools has been that boards of trustees may be bristling with expertise in a range of fields but they don’t usually have the inside knowledge needed to filter out unsuitable job applications. This is important because inexperienced, ineffectual or even corrupt leaders can undermine the educational opportunities for a whole cohort of students.

The Investing in Educational Success (IES) initiative begins the process of securing students against this risk by providing more active support for schools with appointment processes.

Political panels for decisions free of consequence ... for the panel

Meanwhile, in the alternative universe occupied by charter schools, the government is taking a completely different approach. For charter schools, the critical task of choosing the school leadership has been handed over to a panel of well-heeled, political appointees who meet from time to make decisions on behalf of schools they would never think of sending their own offspring to.

The members of this group, the Kura Hourua Authorisation Board, have a truly enviable job. They’re paid generously by the taxpayer (around $500 a day) to parcel out vast amounts of public money for which they are completely unaccountable. When they make poor decisions like giving money to a trust to buy a farm in Northland or handing money to individuals who shouldn’t be entrusted with either public money or other people’s children, there are no consequences for them.