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(Angela began her presidency mid January 2013)



Gratuitous whimsy (the purpose of EDUCANZ)

PPTA president Angela Roberts questions the intent and purpose of the Education Council (EDUCANZ).

Gratuitous whimsy

The Education Council (EDUCANZ) has written to teachers threatening to hold “conversations” with them about its “strategic intent” in its latest Highlighter newsletter.

In its own words, "The council believes its focus must be on achieving better outcomes for learners, rather than promoting the profession for its own good. For example we are only interested in raising the status of the profession because it will enable us to attract the best possible teachers, who can then provide our learners with the best possible education".

We have to assume they are doing the best they can with the clumsily-worded purpose statement they were given in s377 of the Act:

The purpose of the Education Council is to ensure safe and high quality leadership, teaching, and learning for children and young people in early childhood, primary, secondary, and senior secondary schooling in English medium and Māori medium settings through raising the status of the profession.

Many of the submissions on the bill pointed out that this statement doesn’t follow. It might have been a perfectly acceptable purpose statement except for the gratuitous whimsy tacked on at the end “through raising the status of the profession”. The creation of an arm of state funded by teachers, yet empowered to pursue a set of political goals over which teachers have no influence, does not seem like the pathway to a high-status profession.