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Subject associations are an important source of professional learning for secondary teachers.   Run largely by teachers for teachers, subject associations maintain websites with useful resources and links, run annual or bi-annual conferences, produce newsletters and journals, operate list serves and discussion forums, and much much more.

New Zealand Post Primary Teachers' Association / Te Wehengarua (PPTA) supports subject associations by organising an annual forum for representatives of subject associations, to enable them to share skills and knowledge, discuss matters of common interest, and to engage with government officials about current projects.

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Teacher subject associations in New Zealand

Subject associations offer information, networking opportunities and professional learning for secondary teachers in New Zealand.

Most subject associations maintain websites with useful resources, contact information and links.  Connect to the subject association websites listed in the document below for more information.

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Bonds of War - Shared Histories education programme

PPTA News talks to Pascle Hyboud-Peron (New Zealand Association of French Teachers (NZAFT) committee member) about an exciting programme commemorating the centenary of WW1 that links schools in New Zealand and France.

Bonds of War ppta news imageBonds of War

Historical explorations of the way societal roles of women changed during The Great War and a comparison of the experiences of the New Zealand Division and French soldiers during the conflict are just some of the projects New Zealand and French secondary students are teaming up to undertake as part of the Shared Histories education programme to commemorate the centenary of World War One.

Shared Histories programme encourages partnerships between New Zealand and French schools

The programme was launched earlier this year by the countries’ respective ministries of education with the aim of creating a framework for New Zealand and French schools to form partnerships and work on common pedagogical projects themed around the war. It’s coordinated by a group of organisations that include the New Zealand Association of French Teachers (NZAFT), International Languages Education Pathways (ILEP) and the French Embassy and supported by WW100NZ in New Zealand and the Mission du Centenaire in France.

Raising awareness of the contribution of the New Zealand Division

Pascale Hyboud-Peron, a NZAFT committee member assisting with coordinating Shared Histories, said the programme hoped to provide students with the opportunity to discover the profound significance and impact of the sacrifices made by men and women in both countries.

“I also think it’s important that we raise awareness among the French public about the contribution of the New Zealand Division to the fighting on the Western Front, of which little is known generally, apart from in certain specific locations,” she said.

Student projects highlight historical links and explore social effects of the war

The student projects contributing to the programme highlight the historical links created between France and New Zealand. Pascale said she hoped they will also provide a modern context for this important period in history which holds relevance for young people learning about it 100 years on.

A quick browse of the Shared Histories website offers some details of the 16 projects already underway as the result of collaborations between 32 French and New Zealand schools. Each explores social effects of the war and compares how they were experienced in the two countries.