Would the real minister of education please stand up?

First  we have that old neo-liberal  reprobate, Gary Hawke, who is responsible for the high-fees, hopelessly competitive tertiary system NZ is stuck with,  being allowed to set the ideological agenda for schools via the minister's cross-sector "forum" and now look at this - the NZ charter school group gets to instruct ministry officials  about what propaganda it wants in cabinet papers.

"10.30 Review of draft Cabinet paper  (From minutes of June 25th meeting)

Members reviewed the revised draft of the first Cabinet paper on the New Zealand model of charter school, and provided comment for inclusion by the Secretariat.

Members commented that the Cabinet paper lacked clarity around the case for charter schools, with more focus needed on charter schools being a new approach to working with the Government’s identified target groups, and an opportunity for innovation. More meaningful context around the financial implications was also required.

The Secretariat will take these comments on board and revise the Cabinet paper to reflect this"