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Delegate Leadership Development workshop, 4 March 2016

Issues & Organising Seminar, 5-6 March 2016

The PPTA Delegate Leadership Development workshop will be held on Friday 4 March 2016 and the PPTA Issues and Organising Seminar will be held on Saturday 5 March and Sunday 6 March 2016.

The workshop and seminar are being held at the Holiday Inn Auckland Airport, 2 Ascot Road, Mangere, Auckland.

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2016 PPTA Annual Conference

The 2016 PPTA Annual Conference will be held at the Brentwood Hotel, Kemp Street, Kilbirnie, Wellington from Tuesday 27 September to Thursday 29 September 2016.

Annual Conference is the decision making authority of PPTA.

PPTA provides live, web-streamed coverage of all the speeches, debates and decisions of our annual conference.



Mahi tika: Learning to make a difference

Mahi tika courses are practical adult education seminars based on case studies, collaborative problem-solving and discussion. They are delivered by PPTA Field Officers in a location near you each year.

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For information about School terms see the Ministry of Education website:

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