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Edscapes ( 17 Files )

Papers and presentations from the eDscapes conference - Mapping teachers' professional lives. The conference was held in Wellington from 18-20 April 2011 and brought together a mix of practice-based worshops and inspiring speakers on the themes of leadership, engagement and professional activism.

Maori Teachers Conference

Maori Teachers Conference ( 6 Files )

Papers and workshops presented at the Maori Teachers Conference

PPTA Pasifika conference

PPTA Pasifika conference ( 23 Files )

PPTA Pasifika conference presentations

I&O seminar

I&O seminar ( 12 Files )

The Issues and Organising Seminar is held at the end of February every year.  This seminar for PPTA activists includes presentations from visiting speakers.


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Self nomination form for PPTA Rainbow Taskforce (January 2016) Self nomination form for PPTA Rainbow Taskforce (January 2016)

Date added: 10/27/2015
Date modified: 10/27/2015
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(October 2016) Executive is seeking expressions of interest from members who would like to fill a vacancy that has occurred on the Rainbow Taskforce.  This is for a two-year term commencing on or about 1 January 2016.

Nominations close on Friday 27 November at 5pm

PPTA Presidential team elections PPTA Presidential team elections

Date added: 10/12/2015
Date modified: 10/12/2015
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(October 2015)   PPTA received three nominations for president and two nominations for junior vice president (JVP).

The presidential team elections will be conducted under the direction of the Branch Returning Officer within each Branch (school). Contact your branch PPTA person for information and voting forms.

Voting closes Friday 23 October.

Paid union meeting (PUM) schedule October 2015 Paid union meeting (PUM) schedule October 2015

Date added: 09/27/2015
Date modified: 09/28/2015
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(Sept 2015) Paid union meetings schedule for PPTA members re Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement (STCA) bargaining (Northland start time amended 28 Sept 2015)

PPTA annual conference programme 2015 PPTA annual conference programme 2015

Date added: 08/27/2015
Date modified: 08/27/2015
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(27 August 2015) 2015 PPTA annual conference programme

Annual conference 2015 registration form (MSWord) Annual conference 2015 registration form (MSWord)

Date added: 07/15/2015
Date modified: 07/15/2015
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(July 2015) Annual conference 2015 registration form. (MSword)