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New Zealand Post Primary Teachers' Association / Te Wehengarua (PPTA) Mahi tika courses - employment relations education - for PPTA members. 

Mahi tika: Learning to make a difference

Mahi tika courses are practical adult education seminars based on case studies, collaborative problem-solving and discussion. They are delivered by PPTA Field Officers in a location near you each year.

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Courses for all members

Health and Safety

The new Health and Safety at Work Act comes into force on the 4th April.  
The PPTA will be running a number of health and safety courses over the next few months and these initial Health and Safety (H&S) training courses are for both new and existing Health and Safety Representatives.  

The courses will provide an introduction to the new legislation and the opportunity to complete a new unit standard.  Completion of the new unit standard is a requirement for all new health and safety reps in order to then have the power to issue a provisional improvement notice (PIN).  

Our PPTA Health and Safety trainers are part of the Worksafe Representatives national programme and are subject experts in both H&S and the school environment. 

Initial H&S Training

Auckland                                 5 & 6 May
Hawkes Bay                             10 & 11 May
Rotorua                                   7 & 8 June
Wellington                              16 & 17 June

MT 1: Building the branch for workplace participation (One day)
This is a foundation employment relations course relevant to all members and essential for those who are branch office-holders.
The course assists members to:
-    Know the main elements of their collective agreement
-    Run or contribute to effective branch meetings
-    Develop an understanding of the legislative framework within which members work
-    Have an overview of PPTA and how it works to promote productive employment relations.

MT 2: Rights and obligations in the workplace (Two days)
The Stage 2 course builds on the knowledge and understands developed in the foundation course through more in-depth focus on important collective agreement and employment law processes.
This course assists members to:
-    Understand the Employment Relations Act, especially good faith and consultation
-    Gain greater knowledge of their collective agreements, especially appointments, pay and leave
-    Develop understandings about health and safety and fairness at work
-    Develop skills which help to build mutual trust and confidence in the workplace
-    Develop the capacity of the PPTA branch to contribute to resolving workplace issues.

MT 3: Participation in and beyond the workplace (Two days)
The Stage 3 course is challenging and builds on the previous two courses. Participants learn how to negotiate solutions to workplace issues by doing it.
This course assists members to:
-    Understand aspects of workplace structures, processes and decision-making that impact on the employment relationship
-    Develop negotiation skills that support good faith relationships within the workplace and enable members to work collaboratively to resolve workplace issues.

Course for new members

Employment relations education for Provisionally Registered Teachers (One day)
Members new to the teaching profession face great challenges. This course focuses on the professional and employment issues that are particularly relevant to them.
This course assists members to:
-    Access advice and guidance programmes that support them to gain full registration
-    Develop an overview of collective agreement and legislative entitlements and obligations
-    Develop strategies for dealing with common workplace issues
-    Understand the role of PPTA, especially the branch

Course for Senior Managers

Employment relations education for Principals of Secondary and Area Schools (Two days)
This course is for principals and the other senior staff who deputise for them. It has been jointly developed by NZ Secondary Principals' Council, NZ School Trustees' Association, the Mediation Service and PPTA. NZSTA, PPTA and the Mediation Service co-facilitate the course. It is available to both PPTA members and non-members.
This course assists participants to enhance knowledge and skills in employment relations by examining:
-    The Employment Relations Act (ERA), particular its good faith principles
-    Common law and statutory requirements in employment relations
-    Giving effect to the provisions of collective agreements negotiated under the ERA
-    The theory and practice of conflict resolution in the workplace

icon Employment relations in state secondary & area schools: A course for principals and those who deputise for them (304.5 kB)

Other courses

A range of other courses are available. Check with your local PPTA Field Office.
PPTA members can also use employment relations education leave to attend employment relations courses delivered by NZ Council of Trade Unions (CTU).

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icon 2016 Mahi Tika (employment relations education) calendar (108.21 kB)

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Note: Mahi Tika is PPTA's employment relations education (ere) programme.