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PPTA paid union meetings (PUMs) April 2014

Thank you all for your attendance, your questions and your activism, at the meetings throughout the country.

The Education Amendment Bill (No 2) replaces the Teachers Council of New Zealand with a new body - the Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand (EDUCANZ). The proposed body, EDUCANZ, is set up in such a way that it undermines the professional status of all teachers.

Please make a submission by 30 April 2014.

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Issues and Organising seminar 2014


Issues and Organising seminar graphicDelegate Leadership Development Workshop (Regional Officers Training) & Issues and Organising Seminar 2014

The PPTA Delegate Leadership Development workshop was held on Friday 7 March 2014 and the PPTA Issues and Organising Seminar was held on Saturday 8 March and Sunday 9 March 2014.

Presentations (will be uploaded as they are received)

Download pdf Teacher Learning Groups presentation (Martin Henry)

Download pdf 21st Century Learning presentation (Steve Mouldey)

icon New ICT guidelines – staying safe (Graeme Bridges)

Download pdf Mahi Tika (ERE) calendar

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