Time to step up to the challenge Business New Zealand - it takes a village to raise a child. Letter to Phil

Dear Phil

Thanks for your words of wisdom - but we'd like a bit of assistance here.  There is a very strong correlation between poverty and poor educational outcomes.

New Zealand workers, in general, have low rates of pay.

Casualisation of the workforce is on the increase and there is appears to be strong business support for the implementation of worker unfriendly laws and practices.

My suggestion is this - why don't you and your members try taking a different approach? One that doesn't take such a narrow view, doesn't drive up crises, and doesn't attribute blame elsewhere.

How about taking a citizenship approach and acknowledge that it takes a village to raise a child.

We look forward to seeing your association, and your members, take some collective responsibility and a collaborative approach, one that focuses on improving the lives of workers and their families.

The implementation of a living wage would be a good first step, alongside dropping your support for that nasty anti-worker legislation.

Then perhaps we would see far fewer New Zealand children living in poverty .... improved educational outcomes and a more socially cohesive New Zealand.

Yours sincerely