Curriculum support


The  intent of the Curriculum Support Days and the resources developed from these days,  is to assist principals and teachers in bringing together the different parts of the New Zealand curriculum within each specialist subject area.

CSD resources

Curriculum support resources

There are a large number of documents in this collection. These resources were developed by teachers for, during and after the CSD days.

Documents are, for the most part, grouped by subject area.

Nearly all documents in this collection download in MS word format.

Learning areas / subjects:


Agriculture / Horticulture;

Arts includes visual arts; Drama; Music; Dance;
Art History
Classical studies
Computing and information science

Education for sustainability;


Health & Physical Education;

Home economics

Learning languages includes French, Japanese, Latin, Spanish ...;
Maths / Statistics
Media studies
Social sciences
includes History; Social studies; Economics; Social studies; Sociology; and Geography;

Sciences includes: Chemistry; Biology; Physics; and Junior science;

Te Reo Maori;
Special interest groups Includes resources developed for

Curriculum leadership

Guidance counsellors
Special education/learning support

Teacher subject associations

Subject associations are an important source of professional learning for secondary teachers, check out their websites and find out about joining for resources and support specific to your subject area.

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Curriculum support day resources

20 April 2009

These resources should be viewed as "˜work-in- progress', not as finished units to download and use.   They demonstrate a range of ways of thinking about how you might build the "˜front end' of the NZ Curriculum (the Vision, Principles, Values, Key Competencies, Effective Pedagogies and Learning Area Statements) into your existing units of work, by re-focusing how you teach rather than changing what you teach.

The questions and comments recorded in the body of each resource are at least as important as the unit itself.   If for some reason your software does not display such questions and comments, it is likely that you need to make some technical adjustment to how you are viewing the resource.   In the few cases where a resource does not carry comment boxes, there will be a note to that effect at the top.

While you will no doubt gain some insights by downloading these resources and studying them on your own, PPTA believes that it is faciliated discussion in groups of colleagues at the local Support Days that will be of most benefit to teachers.


Weaving the curriculum together

9 April 2009 CSD subject specialist forum resource development

On 6-7 April, 88 specialist subject teachers and School Support Services advisors gathered in Wellington for two days at a forum to develop the resources that will be used at the PPTA Curriculum Support Days. These resources will cover nearly 40 subjects, 5 special interest areas (Special Ed/Learning Support, Leadership of the Curriculum Across the School, ESOL, Careers Education and Guidance Counsellors),  plus a support package for local facilitators.