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The  intent of the Curriculum Support Days is to assist principals and teachers in bringing together the different parts of the New Zealand curriculum within each specialist subject area. This folder will contain sample materials and teaching resources.  These samples and resources will demonstrate how the achievement objectives and the key competencies can be brought together, taking into account other aspects of the new curriculum such as the vision, principles, values and advice about effective pedagogy.


CSD facilitators

CSD facilitators ( 9 Files )

(April 2009)  Resources for the use of facilitators at the Curriculum Support Days.   Special interest groups such as Guidance counsellors and Special education teachers will also find facilitator resources in the Special interest groups folder.
Learning areas / subjects

Learning areas / subjects ( 80 Files )

(2009) Curriculum learning areas / subjects areas. 
Special interest groups

Special interest groups ( 17 Files )

(2009)  Includes resources developed for Careers; Curriculum leadership; ESOL; Guidance counsellors; Special education/learning support. 
Curriculum support days newsletter

Curriculum support days newsletter ( 6 Files )

Curriculum support days newsletter


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Weaving the curriculum together; Key competencies as weaving materials Weaving the curriculum together; Key competencies as weaving materials

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(6 April 2009) Rose Hipkin's presentation to the curriculum support day forum (Wellington). Discussion around curriculum resource development, supporting teachers and learners in implementing the new curriculum.