(2009)  Psychology curriculum development resources.    These resources should be viewed as 'work-in- progress', not as finished units to download and use.   They demonstrate a range of ways of thinking about how you might build the 'front end' of the NZ Curriculum (the Vision, Principles, Values, Key Competencies, Effective Pedagogies and Learning Area Statements) into your existing units of work, by re-focusing how you teach rather than changing what you teach.


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Psychology (Year 13) Debates and Issues in Psychology Psychology (Year 13) Debates and Issues in Psychology

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(May 2009)  Debates and Issues in Psychology: Free Will/Determinism.    We like teaching this Free Will versus Determinism unit because it is rewarding to see the "˜ah-ha' moments as students come to understand the big ideas.  Students are engaged as they relate the two viewpoints to their own lives and to real-world situations. Studying this topic enables students to think about the concept of "choice" and whether it truly exists.  The philosophies of "free will" and "determinism" challenge students to think about what role their values, cultural influences and experiences play in their decision-making processes.  Appreciating these factors helps students understand the implications these viewpoints have on themselves and wider society.  Finally, students are asked to engage in critical thinking about how each viewpoint affects individual and societal responsibility for actions taken.  Authors:  Rachel Hall, Summer Stice