Education for sustainability

(2009) Education for sustainability curriculum development resources. These resources should be viewed as 'work-in- progress', not as finished units to download and use.   They demonstrate a range of ways of thinking about how you might build the 'front end' of the NZ Curriculum (the Vision, Principles, Values, Key Competencies, Effective Pedagogies and Learning Area Statements) into your existing units of work, by re-focusing how you teach rather than changing what you teach.


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Education for Sustainability (Year 9-10) Stream study Education for Sustainability (Year 9-10) Stream study

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(May 2009)  Note: Years 9 & 10 but easily adapted for senior bio/EFS or for Yr 7 & 8.  This was initially an old Environmental Education unit which had been modified from an old science Ecology unit, and was taught within the junior science programme. The unit was contextual, linked to the local environment, offered interesting variety of activities, opportunities for co-operative learning, and both teachers and students enjoyed it. ...The aim was to bring an old Environmental Education unit, that was taught within the context of science, in line with current thinking regarding Education for Sustainability (EFS) and the NZ Curriculum.
Action was missing; it was optional to follow the learning with action. The learning outcomes were also very science based and  activites were teacher directed. The key concepts have changed. There is no cohesion between the desired learning, the activities and the assessments. ...  Authors:  Andrea Soanes and Lyn Rogers