Details for Geography (Year 12) Natural Landscapes "“ Amazon Basin

Name:Geography (Year 12) Natural Landscapes "“ Amazon Basin
Description:(April 2009)    1.    Why this unit is worth re-working: This topic is taught by over 90% of schools; It is popular with teachers and students; Because it is topical in public media, there is a good bank of available resources; There is a range of perspectives, IGIs, future focus, etc. that can be woven through it; It has relevance to NZ re indigenous people, global warming, globalisation: real issues, values and ethics; It can be linked to a contemporary geographic issue.   
2.    Re-thinking the unit - What follows is the current unit with annotations towards a first-draft change to a new curriculum teaching/learning plan.
Individual teachers will think of other changes, and adapt the plan further to their own uses and situation.    Authors:  Brian Kendrick and Sarah Thorpe
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