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New Zealand Post Primary Teachers' Association / Te Wehengarua (PPTA) update on secondary education and union issues in the news, with the main focus on New Zealand.

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SecondaryEd news 26 Aug 2016

Media items selected by the New Zealand Post Primary Teachers' Association (PPTA) as an update on secondary education and union issues in the news, with the main focus on New Zealand.

1. Waitaki Boys' High School makes third attempt to hire rector
RYAN DUNLOP, August 26 2016
The position of rector at Waitaki Boys' High School will be advertised again soon.
Almost two years after a commissioner was appointed to Waitaki Boys' High School, plans to advertise for the position of rector are underway.

2. Editorial: Online school plan invests in the future but needs careful oversight
Thursday Aug 25, 2016
Education Minister Hekia Parata is eager to promote change in New Zealand schools. She has pushed digital technology into the curriculum, though in a limited way. She wants to reform the way funds get to children with special needs. Her latest initiative is to open up online learning to approved providers who can offer lessons through a laptop.

3. Mixed views on COOL initiative
Thursday Aug 25, 2016
Rotorua principals have had mixed reactions to the news that students may be able to ditch the classroom in favour of online learning.
Under new legislation, any school-age student would be able to enrol in a "community of online learning" (COOL), with the education provider deciding if students need to attend school for a full or partial day.

4. Communities of Online Learning are not new to NZ
Thursday, 25 August 2016, Press Release: New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education
The staff at the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education (NZCGE) read with interest Minister Parata’s recent education proposal regarding online learning opportunities for New Zealand school children. This is not new to the staff at the Centre, nor is the name. In 2003 the Ministry of Education and the George Parkyn Centre (now merged into NZCGE) entered into a contract under a Talent Development Initiative to deliver online learning opportunities to gifted children across New Zealand, COOL- a community of online learning.

5. Opinion: Education changes coming
ODT Friday, 26 August 2016
Education Minister Hekia Parata continues to stamp her authority on the education of New Zealand children, and not all people are happy.

6. Sex mis-education: How can we better teach young people about sex and relationships?
KATIE KENNY, August 25 2016
The days of trying to control what young people access on the internet are over.
Now the best protection is preparation, according to those in the business of teaching about sex and relationships.

7. David Small: Stockpiling pupils' data jars with right to privacy
Friday Aug 26, 2016
... I didn't really receive that call. And with people's familiarity with the basics of the Privacy Act, I doubt I ever would. I use it to illustrate my objection to a practice that is routine in New Zealand schools, the transfer of student information from one school to another without the knowledge or consent of the students or their parents. It is done in the name of facilitating smooth transitions between schools.

8. Investigator's report reveals how Donald Hancox defrauded Upper Hutt College
TALIA SHADWELL, August 25 2016
Donald Hancox defrauded Upper College while he was in charge of the school's purse strings.
Graeme Smith recalls laughing with his friend Donald Hancox at the audacity of a school fraudster caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

9. The history of teenagers in New Zealand (audio)
RNZ, Thursday 25 August 2016
Teenagers are one of the most talked about, worried about and analysed groups in modern NZ society.
But was it always this way? What role have teenagers played in our nation's history?

10. Education infrastructure in Christchurch (video)
25.08.16 - Question 7 - Matt Doocey to the Minister of Education
What recent announcements has the Government made about investment in education infrastructure in Christchurch?