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Report's vision a "weird mix"

June 10, 2010


The newly released Vision for the teaching profession report is a "weird mix of gold and dross," PPTA president Kate Gainsford says.


PPTA applauded the report's emphasis on promoting teaching as a high status profession, attracting the best candidates for teacher education, high quality induction and mentoring for beginning teachers and ongoing professional learning, Gainsford said.   "These are the kind of goals that underpin much of PPTA's work, including our current position in the collective agreement negotiations."


PPTA calls for independent look at staffing

May 4, 2010

PPTA president Kate Gainsford is calling for an independent look into school staffing vacancies after the ministry of education underestimated staffing in 74% of secondary schools.

Claims by the ministry that 99.6% of teaching positions are filled were based on inaccurate figures from a flawed survey, Gainsford said.

The ministry survey was based on roll predictions given to schools in September the previous year - and this year the ministry seriously underestimated the staffing in 74% of secondary schools, she said.

"That is 572 equivalent teaching positions.


School choice paper a waste of taxpayer money

"fiscally irresponsible, superficial and glib"

February 17, 2010 

The Inter-Party Working Group for School Choice report is a colossal waste of public money, PPTA president Kate Gainsford says.

'Step Change: Success the Only Option', was celebrated last night with top quality wine and canapés in the banquet hall of parliament.

Hosted by ACT deputy leader Heather Roy and attended by the well-heeled patrons of independent schools, it was supposedly designed to benefit the 20% of students who are educationally underprivileged.

Gainsford said the working group's findings were so confused it couldn't even agree on a single report.  Instead two have been released - one the whole group could agree on, and a second put forward by Roy and Roger Douglas.

"The reports cobble together disconnected bits of research, simplistic generalisations and "˜mum and apple pie' principles. They gives no evidence of any considered thinking at all "“ as a research exercise I would have to give them a "˜not achieved," she said


PPTA releases position on National Standards

"A child is more than a test score."

January 28, 2010

PPTA is releasing a paper today in a bid to inform debate on National Standards and steer the country away from "˜assessment mania.'

The paper looks at the dangers of National's standards in a country that "already over-assesses," PPTA president Kate Gainsford said.

"Excessive monitoring does not improve teaching and learning," she said.