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Budget strips millions from schools to pay for pet projects

16 May 2013

Millions of dollars have been stripped from the compulsory education sector to pay for ministers' pet projects, PPTA president Angela Roberts says.

Secondary education will take the biggest hit with a $57.5 million cut, while John Banks' experimental charter schools will cream $19 million from the taxpayer.

"That's $19 million stolen from public school students - a heavy price to pay for a coalition agreement and policy the overwhelming majority of New Zealanders do not support," she said.

"Instead the government should have listened to New Zealand parents and used the slight drop in secondary rolls as an opportunity to reduce class sizes."

Not all of the projects given extra funding were as dangerous as Banks' pet however, Roberts said.


Want to raise achievement? Extend paid parental leave

17 April 2013

If the government is as serious as it says about raising student achievement extending paid parental leave should be a no-brainer, says PPTA president Angela Roberts.

Roberts, who presented PPTA's submission on Sue Moroney's bill to extend paid parental leave from 14 to 26 weeks today, said there was overwhelming international evidence that time spent early on in the life of a child had a positive educational impact.

"Teachers and principals have long recognised the health, early education and wellbeing of their students as being prime factors in their ability to learn and develop successfully through their secondary school years," she said.

"Give me a student with good health and strong bonds with their parents and I will give you your five out of five." she said.

A prime example of the success of paid parental leave is Finland, which has one of the best educational records in the world.


Select committee ignores submissions on charter schools

12 April 2013

The Education and Science Select Committee's decision to recommend the government's plan to establish charter schools (outlined in the Education Amendment Bill) with only minor changes flies in the face of public opinion says PPTA president Angela Roberts.

"Of the 2,193 submissions presented to the select committee, 2100 were opposed to the creation of charter schools and only 62 were in favour," she said.

"The committee's recommendation shows the whole submission process is just a token gesture so a disengaged government can claim it listened to the community and engaged in the democratic process when really it couldn't care less."


Package meets costs but teachers still seek compensation

19 March 2013

The government and the minister responsible for Novopay have responded to some of the concerns of education sector groups with their decision to provide a $6 million support package to schools to help with costs incurred by payroll problems, says PPTA president Angela Roberts.

"Finally, it feels like there is some understanding of the impact this nightmare is having on schools and people's lives."

"We hope that the package is enough to cover schools for the period of time that minister Joyce anticipates payroll problems to continue," she said.

"Sector groups were asked to put an estimation of costs incurred on the table and it has met it," Roberts said.


Survey highlights real impact of Novopay

11 March 2013

Around 36% of over 4500 secondary teachers who responded to a recent survey about Novopay problems say they experienced errors with the pay they received on 19 February.

The survey was conducted online by PPTA between 25 February and 5 March with questions about both the immediate and previous pay periods.

Results of the survey put it at odds with official Novopay statistics that suggested a much lower rate of errors in the same pay period.

PPTA general secretary Kevin Bunker said this was most likely due to a surprising number of affected teachers (35.6%) who said they had not reported their pay errors to their school administrators because they were either too embarrassed or feared placing their schools under more pressure.

"This survey is the first real snapshot of what's actually happening on the ground with Novopay errors. The picture is a lot more serious than government officials have let us believe," he said.


Charter school scam defies democracy

1 March 2013

Minister for memory lapses John Banks has conveniently forgotten about the democratic process says PPTA president Angela Roberts.

In announcing the establishment of a charter school appointment board while the Education and Science Select Committee is still deliberating suggests the public hearings have been a complete sham.

Either that or he was showing utter contempt for the political process, Roberts said.


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