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PPTA's EDUCANZ battle continues

1 October 2014

The legislation around the government’s EDUCANZ body is so sloppy it is impossible to know what kind of monster will eventually be unleashed, says PPTA president Angela Roberts.

This afternoon PPTA members voted to empower the association’s executive to develop a range of responses to the Education Amendment Bill (no. 2) that aims to replace the New Zealand Teachers Council with a government appointed body.

Because the annual conference paper “Demolition or restoration – The election and our fight for the Teachers Council” was written before the election, changes had to be made to strengthen the union’s options to fight for its own professional body.

These changes included giving the executive the power to determine to what extent the association will co-operate with their new body and putting proposals for actions against the new council to a teacher vote.

PPTA president Angela Roberts said the association needed to have as many options available as possible.


School funding failing vulnerable students – time for a better way?

1 October 2014

Schools with the greatest needs get too little to meet those needs, says PPTA president Angela Roberts.

The current school funding system is failing to support our most vulnerable students and this morning delegates at PPTA’s annual conference will discuss whether it is time for a different way.

“A needs-based model of resourcing for schools – time for a national discussion?” is a paper that looks at schools’ reliance on locally raised funds for resources such as staffing, the lack of security in school resourcing and the need to support those with behavioural and special education needs.

“When locally raised and decile related funds are added together, decile one schools have just $350 per student more than those in decile 10 schools to address their relative educational disadvantage. $350 equates to 5% of total school funding yet an Australian review (the Gonski report) recommends students from lower socio-economic backgrounds should attract an extra 50%,” Roberts said.


Seaworthy ships and stormy seas - PPTA annual conference 2014

30 September 2014

PPTA wakaPirates, privateers, seaworthy ships and stormy seas all featured in PPTA president Angela Roberts' nautically themed opening speech to the association's annual conference this morning.

Describing the political context PPTA ventures out into as "often stormy and dangerous" she quoted Vincent van Gogh:

"The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore."

She took time in her speech to the association's annual conference to address misinformation surrounding Investing in Educational Success (IES).

"At these meetings we are able to debate challenging issues, reflect on the differing viewpoints and work our way towards solutions.

"What we get out of conference are policies that have been tested by the membership and pronounced seaworthy," Roberts said.

"That's why we greeted the prime minister's announcement in January about IES with cautious optimism. Like many we were bemused and somewhat suspicious but we could see elements in the proposals that were entirely consistent with long-established PPTA policy - much of it debated and set in this very room," she said.


Zoning out – is it time for a review?

Annual Conference logo 201418 September 2014    

The last few years have seen rising inequality between schools and the erosion of students’ right to attend their local school.

These are just some of the impacts of the current school zoning policy that PPTA members will be addressing at their annual conference this month.

Prepared by PPTA’s Waikato region the paper Zoning, Enrolment Schemes and Choice – Educational Apartheid? identifies unfairness and waste in the current zoning system and calls for a review, PPTA president Angela Roberts said.


New charter schools irresponsible

11 September 2014   

By approving four new charter schools the government is being reckless with public money and careless with our kids.

PPTA president Angela Roberts said the announcement of the new schools was “totally irresponsible” and would come at a huge cost to the existing school network.


Don’t let ACT wreck our education system

Charter Schools Unwelcome Imports7 September 2014

Epsom voters have an opportunity to protect the New Zealand education system this election.

PPTA is launching a campaign today to inform voters in the electorate about ACT’s disastrous charter school policy – with posters and leaflets being distributed.

“ACT’s education policies are based on an extremist ideology which has no basis in evidence,” PPTA President Angela Roberts says.

A single ACT MP brought in charter schools in 2011 and 2014 ACT Epsom electorate candidate David Seymour has boasted about his involvement in the policy and has committed to expanding it, she said.

“PPTA welcomes good education policy from whichever party advances it, but ACT’s policy is fundamentally broken.