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MP pay rise points the way for teachers

26 February 2015

While teacher salaries have fallen well behind inflation over the last five years, MPs’ pay has kept much closer to the cost of living.

Today’s announcement by the Remuneration Authority will see MPs earning twice as much as those who teach our children, PPTA president Angela Roberts said.

“While we are pleased to see our representatives being recognised for the important work they do, it would be great to see the teaching profession receive the same support and recognition,” she said.

“Not only have teacher wages not kept up with inflation over the last five years, they have fallen around 5% behind. Teachers bore the brunt of belt-tightening during tough economic times and it’s time to make up for this.”


Sad farewell to PPTA activist Robin Duff

16 February 2015 

Robin DuffPPTA regrets to announce the passing of senior vice president Robin Duff this morning. 

Duff has been a long-time fixture of the association, serving as PPTA junior vice president from 2005 to 2007, president from 2007 to 2009 and again from 2011 to 2013 and senior vice president from 2009 to 2011 and 2013 until 2015. 

PPTA president Angela Roberts praised Duff’s commitment to supporting secondary teachers and the work he had done to make schools a better place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) students.


Battle lines drawn over EDUCANZ

11 February 2015  

PPTA members will not stand by idly while democracy is stripped from the teachers council, says president Angela Roberts.

Last year the association’s annual conference voted to empower PPTA’s executive to develop a range of responses to the Education Amendment Bill (no.2) which aims to replace the New Zealand Teachers Council with a government appointed body.

These included giving PPTA’s executive the power to determine the extent to which the association would co-operate with the new body and putting proposals for actions against the new council to a teacher vote.

With the passing of the bill last night it was time for battle lines to be drawn, Roberts said.

“We are still considering our options but I can assure you teachers will not be taking this lying down,” she said.

Until this point the association had tried in good faith to engage in a democratic process, trying to save teachers’ professional body.


Secondary principals accept IES leadership role

3 December 2014

Secondary principals have voted to include a community leadership role central to Investing in Educational Success (IES) in their collective agreement. 

The vote to include the Community of Schools (CoS) Leadership role and a Principals’ Recruitment Allowance (PRA) in the Secondary Principals’ Collective Agreement (SPCA) was ratified by 88.2%. 

The CoS Leadership role offers leadership in building productive collaboration within CoS, supports profession growth of leaders and teachers and provides professional expertise across schools in collaboration with other principals. 

“This is not a ‘super principal’ role, but a facilitative one,” New Zealand Secondary Principals' Council (NZSPC) chair Allan Vester said. 

“All schools in the community will remain autonomous.”


Support bill changes to keep students safe

26 November 2014    

The government has the opportunity to prevent major teacher opposition to the proposed new teachers council by supporting changes to the Education Amendment Bill (2). 

PPTA president Angela Roberts said one of the biggest risks of the new body was the danger in which its overly ambitious functions placed students by threatening its core business of keeping students safe. 

Changes to the bill being proposed by the Green Party would create a democratic council focused on the core business of regulating entry to and exit from the teaching profession.

More than 1000 teachers made submissions against the government’s plan to create an entirely ministerially appointed new body called ‘EDUCANZ’ to regulate the teaching profession. 


Secondary teachers vote IES into collective

21 November 2014

PPTA members have voted to include two teaching roles central to Investing in Educational Success (IES) in their collective agreement.

At paid union meetings held throughout the country over the past two weeks 80.3% voted to include the Community of Schools (CoS) Within School Teacher and the CoS Across Community Teacher positions in the Secondary Teachers Collective Agreement (STCA).