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Novopay pulled up for illegal charging

It took a complaint to the Ministry of Education, an opinion from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and a determined PPTA executive member to stop Novopay illegally charging teachers for their own information.

Exec member Jack BoyleA number of PPTA members, including some senior managers responsible for payroll in their schools, made contact with PPTA after discovering Novopay was charging teachers to access their own payroll information. More specifically, an attempt by the Ministry of Education’s failed payroll contractor to impose a $103.50 charge on the NOVO9t form to obtain a Statement of Service.

PPTA President Angela Roberts made contact with the Ministry of Education’s deputy secretary responsible for Novopay Rebecca Elvy to question whether the charge was legal given an employee’s right to access their payroll information under the Employment Relations Act (ERA) and Privacy Act. The ministry refused to budge on the charge, stating Datacom used to charge $50 for the same information.

In one example, a deputy principal who was also his school’s payroll officer- was told by a Novopay call centre operator that, “such charges were common in Australia”.

This sounded fishy, so PPTA sought an opinion on the matter from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner who confirmed public agencies could not charge for such information and private agencies could only make minimal charges in-line with guidelines published by the Ministry of Justice.


PPTA news June 2014

The June 2014 issue of PPTA News: the newsletter of the New Zealand Post Primary Teachers' Association / Te Wehengarua (PPTA).
PPTA News cover June 2014

PPTA News v.35 (5) June  2014

Table of contents: 

The collaboration challenge - President's viewpoint p.3;
Secondary teachers steal the show (EDUCANZ) p.4;
Pink shirts and new guidelines - schools take stand against bullying p.5;
Paid parental leave campaign makes progress p.5;
Making a scene (Shakespeare festival) p.6;
Game of resilience (SPARX e-therapy tool) p.7;
Novopay (Paul Keene's diary) p.8;
Novopay pulled up for illegal charging p.9;
"Passion for Pasfika education" awarded p.11;
Proposed health and safety changes not all good p.11;
Authorisation board or PR panel? (Charter schools) p.12;
Bonds of war (WW1 centenary) p.13;
The truth about sick leave and medical retirement (Field Officer advice) p.14.

icon PPTA News June 2014 (volume 35 no. 5)



PPTA News May 2014

PPTA News cover May 2014The May 2014 issue of PPTA News: the newsletter of the New Zealand Post Primary Teachers' Association / Te Wehengarua (PPTA).


PPTA News v.35 (4) May 2014

Table of contents:

Raising the status of teaching with Botox- President's viewpoint p.3;
Association's supremo signing off (Retirement - Kevin Bunker) p.4;
Silent procession for safer work places p.5;
Unity of purpose ( Education Amendment Bill (No. 2)) p.6;
Is easy access to expertise really so hard? (Professional learning) p.9;
Support and advice post quake p.10;
New field officer joins Hamilton office (Georgie Dansey) p.10.


icon PPTA News May 2014 (volume 35 no. 4)

PPTA news April 2014

The April 2014 issue of PPTA News: the newsletter of the New Zealand Post Primary Teachers' Association / Te Wehengarua (PPTA).

PPTA News cover April 2014

PPTA News v.35(3) Apr 2014

Table of contents:

Education in political limelight - President's viewpoint p.3;
Education first (PPTA election priorities) p.4;
Demand democracy! (EDUCANZ) p.5;
Survey reveals Joyce underestimates problems (Novopay) p.6;
Unions work with ministy to extend teaching career options (Investing in Educational Success) p.7;
ACC programme to prevent sexual violence p.8;
Councils hear submissions on paying a living wage p.8;
PPTA supports global health & education pact p.9;
Demystifying the Treaty of Waitangi workshops p.10;
Preventing and responding to workplace bullying p.10.


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Stitching circuits

Most young people in the developed world are immersed in consuming digital technologies from birth. But the interconnectedness of everyday life is not being translated into a passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and women are the largest under-represented and under-recognised group in the STEM professions. Former PPTA field officer Diane McCarthy attends a special e-textiles workshop in Christchurch to see STEM lights literally go on in young Kiwi women’s eyes.


Golden opportunism - educational "not-for-profit" charitable trusts

Educational "charities" seem to be everywhere now - dishing out scholarships, running professional development and holding educational events. They recruit the best and brightest from the education sector and help write educational policy - but who are they really? What do they get out of it all and where is the accountability?

Rake and coins image from PPTA News March 2014Golden opportunism

Massey University professor John O’Neill has been investigating the educational philanthropy phenomenon and has come to some startling conclusions that echo concerns expressed by PPTA.

Educational not-for-profit charitable trusts contracted to carry out ministry functions

Names such as CORE Education and Cognition Education are becoming familiar to the sector as they pick up more and more government contracts.

They are among a small number of educational “not-for-profit” charitable trusts that have emerged and grown to take advantage of the contracting out of former state services.

These entities typically have a commercial trading arm which generates surpluses that are “donated” to their charitable trusts for distribution ― for example Cognition Education Trust’s commercial trading arm is Cognition Education Limited.


PPTA News March 2014

The March 2014 issue of PPTA News: the newsletter of the New Zealand Post Primary Teachers' Association / Te Wehengarua (PPTA).

PPTA News cover March 2014PPTA News v.35 (2) March 2014

Table of contents:

Double standards-based - President's viewpoint p.3;
Award for true "red-heart" unionist p.4;
Teachers can help students get out & vote p.4;
Message understood (charter schools in Whangarei) p.5;
Victories and shared visions (Issues and Organising seminar) p.6;
50 years of pay equity law ... and that decade (Issues and Organising seminar) p.7;
Golden opportunism (Educational 'charities') p.8-9;
Paid parental leave platitudes not enough p.10;
Your maternity grant entitlements p.10;
Catering for learning (Food in schools) p.11;
Uncivil service (PPTA complaint to SSC) p.12;
Stitching circuits (STEM ) p.13;
Canterbury - the new "normal" p.14;
Welcome return for new Dunedin Field Officer p.14;

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PPTA news February 2014

The February 2014 issue of PPTA News: the newsletter of the New Zealand Post Primary Teachers' Association / Te Wehengarua (PPTA).


PPTA News cover February 2014

PPTA News v.35 (1) Feb 2014

Table of contents:
Govt offer worth a peek - President's viewpoint p.3;
PPTA exec welcomes new Komiti Pasifika rep p.4;
Drawing on new resources (ACE) p.5;
Phantom parity p.6;
Group learning - by teachers for teachers p.7;
PPTA joins rally for pay equity in aged care p.7;
A costly experiment revealed (charter schools) p.8;
When are fixed term appointments lawful? (Field Officer advice) p.10;
Field service trials streamlined response system p.10;
PPTA recruits new ERE coordinator p.10;


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