Teacher competence review - process and procedures

The New Zealand Post Primary Teachers' Association (PPTA) guide to the operation of the procedures for review of teacher competence outlined under the teacher collective agreements:

Link to PPTA webpage Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement [STCA] 3.3 Terms of Employment - Teacher Competence

Link to PPTA webpage Area School Teachers' Collective Agreement [ASTCA] 2.3 Teacher competence

The clause applies both to base scale teachers and to holders of units.

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The Education Act 1989 Part 10A, and such criteria for teacher registration as may be issued from time to time by the Teachers Council, also apply.
There is also an alternative process "Resolving conflict in a Māori context" (STCA 3.5, ASTCA 2.5).

More information

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Link to PPTA webpage Criteria for Quality Teaching in Schedule one of the ASTCA

Link to PPTA webpage Resolving conflict in a Māori context [3.5 STCA, 2.5 ASTCA] - an alternative process.

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