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Annual Conference Papers

Annual Conference Papers ( 72 Files )

Papers presented to Annual Conference for debate and policy development. These papers have been developed by PPTA Executive and/or PPTA regions.
Class size

Class size ( 24 Files )

Selected further information and resources on class size.

Annual Reports

Annual Reports ( 12 Files )

Annual Reports of the Post Primary Teachers' Association (PPTA) Te Wehengarua
Members Guide series

Members Guide series ( 11 Files )

This series of pamphlets includes advice and guidance covering the following topics: Beginning teachers;
Employment relations problems/Personal grievances;
Guidance for teachers in their relationships with students;
Guidance for teachers working with Māori students;
Introducing Te Huarahi Māori Motuhake;
Making schools safe for people of every sexuality;
Meeting procedure;
Overseas teachers;
Parental leave;
Part-time teachers;
Sick leave;
Teacher competence;
Teacher conduct and discipline;
Teachers' salary guide: Area schools;
The staff representative on the board of trustees.

Newsletters / Communities

Newsletters / Communities ( 11 Files )

PPTA publishes a number of newsletters to groups of members. PPTA advisory group correspondence and information.

Media releases / posters

Media releases / posters ( 30 Files )

Press releases, advertising, posters

The PPTA News

The PPTA News ( 78 Files )

PPTA News is the journal of the New Zealand Post Primary Teachers' Association. There are 11 issues published each year.  It contains articles of professional and industrial interest.


Enquiries: The Editor, PPTA News, PO Box 2119, Wellington, New Zealand. Ph: 04 3849964; Email


Approximately 18,000 copies of PPTA News are distributed free to secondary and area schools and other institutions.

Not all the opinions expressed within PPTA News reflect those of the PPTA.


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Research ( 21 Files )

Published research commissioned by PPTA or undertaken by PPTA staff.     Includes Teachers talk about NCEA, Te Kotahitanga, Professional standards, What parents want..., Technology

Submissions ( 59 Files )

Submissions made by the PPTA in response to discussion and consultation documents.
Web resources

Web resources ( 33 Files )

Documents that are not PPTA documents.  Includes Official Information Act requests, documents supplied by other organisations and WWW resources for teachers.    Please contact us if any of these links are broken


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Educanz boycott - guidance for members Educanz boycott - guidance for members

Date added: 08/03/2015
Date modified: 08/25/2015
Filesize: 243.53 kB
Downloads: 23

(4 August 2015) This document covers instructions for members' about not accepting appointment or nomination to the council nor participating in formal Educanz processes such as reference/advisory groups, submissions or meetings with the council or its staff.

Issues of secondary teacher supply 2015 Issues of secondary teacher supply 2015

Date added: 06/15/2015
Date modified: 06/15/2015
Filesize: 304.78 kB
Downloads: 382

(May 2015)  This paper is redrafted and updated by NZPPTA from the advice to the Government by the Secondary Education Coalition (SEC) - Secondary teacher supply: a co-ordinated response, April 2001. It attempts to identify the principles and underlying realities of secondary teacher supply. There is an overview of the integrated recommendations of the SEC to manage medium and long term secondary teacher supply.   

Secondary teacher supply is about more than matching the number of applicants with the number of vacancies. Inadequate supply impacts immediately on the overall quality of the teaching force in schools. Where there are few applicants for advertised positions schools have limited choice in appointments. Where choice of appointment is limited the option often either to not appoint or to appoint someone less than adequately suited to the position. Matters of equity are touched upon when only some schools can choose from wide and well qualified pools of applicants.

Secondary staffing report 2015 Secondary staffing report 2015

Date added: 06/15/2015
Date modified: 06/15/2015
Filesize: 881 kB
Downloads: 373

(May 2015) In term one 2015 the principals of secondary and composite schools with senior rolls were a surveyed about their staffing situation. The questions focused on the broader aspects of the teacher supply equation; raising issues of both quantity and quality of supply. There have been similar surveys since 1996.

This report is based upon replies received from 172 secondary and composite schools. This represents 37.9% of schools that received the survey. Two schools did not identify themselves. The response rate for identified secondary schools was 42.0%, a comparable 38.7% for non-kura composite (area) schools and 7.3% for kura and Wharekura Maori schools.

The responses relate to the staffing situation as at 15th March 2015 unless otherwise indicated.

Maternity grant: Guidelines to your employment rights Maternity grant: Guidelines to your employment rights

Date added: 06/07/2015
Date modified: 06/07/2015
Filesize: 570.43 kB
Downloads: 589

(June 2015) The maternity grant is a payment made to a woman teacher after she gives birth or adopts a child. Maternity grant entitlements are set out in your collective agreement. (STCA, ASTCA)

Vulnerable Children Act -  Specified Offences Vulnerable Children Act - Specified Offences

Date added: 06/05/2015
Date modified: 06/05/2015
Filesize: 28.93 kB
Downloads: 539

(June 2015) Vulnerable Children Act - Appendix Specified Offences.

Under the Education Amendment Act 2015, teachers will lose their registration if they have one of the specified offences unless they have applied to the Ministry of Social Development and received an exemption.

An offence against any of the following provisions of the Crimes Act 1961: