Conference papers

Papers presented to Annual Conference for debate and policy development. These papers have been developed by PPTA Executive and/or PPTA regions.


2016 conference

2016 conference ( 9 Files )

Papers to be presented to the 2016 PPTA annual conference:

Draft "Principles for Partnerships" between secondary schools and initial teacher education

Teachers in the precariat: fixed-term contracts and the effect on establishing teachers

Real equity funding: resourcing schools to support at risk learners

The middle leadership problem

From the top corridor to the back field: supporting senior leaders to lead effective change

Constitutional Amendment: Regional Name Change

2015 conference

2015 conference ( 6 Files )

Papers for the 2015 PPTA Annual Conference:

The NCEA: Can it be saved?; Initial teacher education and change: Is it for the better? Middle leadership in crisis; EDUCANZ: the current state of play; Charter Schools: An update; Constitutional Amendments


2014 conference

2014 conference ( 5 Files )

Papers for the 2014 PPTA Annual Conference:

Behaviour, behaviour, behaviour – It's a class act!

A needs-based model of resourcing for schools - time for a national discussion?

Zoning, enrolment schemes and school choice - Educational apartheid?

Demolition or restoration — The election and our fight for the Teachers Council 

PPTA industrial strategy 2015

2013 conference

2013 conference ( 9 Files )

Conference papers for the 2013 PPTA Annual Conference.  They are:
Teachers council: Teacher ownership or government takeover?
Professional learning and development (PLD).
Charter schools.
Equipping schools to fight poverty: a community hub approach.
Student misbehaviour - of no meaningful consequence.
A hierarchy of inequality - the decile divide.
Constitutional changes - presidential term.

Seamless transition or jagged edge? Report of the secondary-tertiary interface taskforce 2013.

2012 conference

2012 conference ( 6 Files )

PPTA Annual Conference papers for 2012. Includes: School charges - Rights, obligations, limits;
Managing the paradigm shift: Secondary schooling and change;
Secondary Teacher Staffing - Another casualty of a lack of coherent long term planning;  
There is always a reasonable alternative - The Post Primary Teachers' Association's economic model;
A level playing field? The importance of local funding in financing secondary schools to meet ...;
Constitutional amendments - Annual conference 2012.

2011 conference

2011 conference ( 12 Files )

PPTA Annual Conference papers for 2011. Includes: There Is Always A Reasonable Alternative (TIAARA); not TINA (There Is No Alternative);  
Supporting teachers to do their jobs: There's got to be a better way;  
Nau te rourou, Naku te rourou . . . Educative mentoring;  
Constitutional Amendment: Branches where a school operates on separate sites in two or more regions; 
Class Size - The Struggle Continues; 
Accelerated Change in the Senior Secondary School.

2010 conference

2010 conference ( 8 Files )

PPTA Annual Conference papers for 2010.  Includes: NCEA Internal Assessment: A harder job than professional marking!; 
Constitutional amendments; 
The Teachers Council: Government patsy or voice of the profession?;
Building on excellence: How to make a great schooling system even better; 
Private profiteering or Public Private Partnership; 
No silver bullet: An update on issues relating to behaviour and engagement in secondary schools; 
'Mind your language' Our responsibility to protect and promote Pacific Islands languages in NZ; 
From islands to archipelagos: developing secondary school leadership.

2009 conference

2009 conference ( 6 Files )

Papers to be presented to the 2009 Annual Conference for discussion, debate and decision-making. Include: 80-15-5-percent What we know; what they need… ; Connected secondary schools; Duty outside timetabled hours; Housing affordability; Integration or disintegration?; Mentoring for secondary teachers.

2008 conference

2008 conference ( 9 Files )

Papers presented to the 2008 Annual Conference for discussion, debate and decision-making.   

Includes NCEA; Tomorrow's schools; Needs based staffing; Valuing beginning teachers; Housing affordability; Duty; Disruptive and anti-social behaviour in secondary schools; Constitutional amendments; PPTA annual report 2007-2008.

2007 conference

2007 conference ( 7 Files )

Papers presented to the 2007 Annual Conference for discussion, debate and decision-making.    Includes Class size report; NCEA; PPTA annual report 2006-2007.
2006 Conference

2006 Conference ( 2 Files )

Papers presented to the 2006 Annual Conference for discussion, debate and decision-making.  Addition of conference papers still to be completed.


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NCEA: a work in progress (2005 Conference paper) NCEA: a work in progress (2005 Conference paper)

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(uploaded 2015) This paper picks up and develops the theme of the 2002 Conference paper ‘The NCEA. Result: Not Yet Achieved’, published halfway through teachers’ first year of implementing the new qualification. It concludes that while the shift to a standards-based assessment system is a positive move, the qualification is yet to meet all of the requirements for an educationally valid qualifications system that is manageable for students and teachers, both at the level of the design of the qualification and its implementation. It can therefore be described as ‘a work in progress’ rather than a completed achievement.

Threats to New Zealand's Public Education System Threats to New Zealand's Public Education System

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(2005) PPTA reaffirms the Association's commitment to a high quality fully funded public education system.

PPTA reaffirms the Association's commitment to the following essential components of a high quality public education system:  A national network of state schools; The right of access to the local school for every child; Centrally resourced staffing; Common terms and conditions for all secondary teachers employed within the state and integrated secondary and area school system; Operations Grant Funding on the basis of need.    PPTA reaffirms the Association's opposition to the following threats to the public education system:  Salaries bulk funding; Privatisation of state schools; Competitive schools models; Site and individual contracts.