PPTA Women

PPTA Women's Structures

The women's structure of PPTA provides a forum for women members to raise, discuss and promote their issues and aims at branch, regional and national levels.

Branch Women's Contacts are the first port of call for women members in branches.

Regional Women Coordinators continue their regional roles of co-ordinating women's issues, activities, and education throughout their regions.

The Women's Network is responsible for overall co-ordinating of women members' issues and activities, oversees particular initiatives and campaigns and conveys issues of concern to the Executive.

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Women's Network Goals

To develop and maintain strong communication links for women members within and between regions, National Office and the Executive;

To increase the number of women contacts in branches in each region;

To support campaign activity on:

Pro rata non-contact time for part-time teachers;

Unlawful fixed term agreements;

Extending paid parental leave to 26 weeks; and

Adequate teaching resources: for example, resources, desks / chairs and temperature;

To grow support and contributions on the PPTA Women Facebook page;

To increase the number of women in senior management positions; and

Looking at strategies for reducing workload and contributing to the workload review.