PPTA Women

PPTA Women's Structures

The women's structure of PPTA provides a forum for women members to raise, discuss and promote their issues and aims at branch, regional and national levels.

  • Branch Women's Contacts are the first port of call for women members in branches.
  • Regional Women Coordinators continue their regional roles of co-ordinating women's issues, activities, and education throughout their regions.

The Women's Network is responsible for overall co-ordinating of women members' issues and activities, oversees particular initiatives and campaigns and conveys issues of concern to the Executive.

link to PPTA webpage PPTA women's network - community page

Women's Network Goals

1.    To develop and maintain strong communication links for women members within regions and between regions, National Office and the Executive;

2.    To grow support and contributions on the PPTA Women Facebook page;

3.    Active support for the 26 for babies campaign to extend paid parental leave;

4.    To promote voting by women members and students in the upcoming General Election, particularly organised around a Suffrage Day event (i.e. Friday 19 September, the day before Election Day); and

5.    To coordinate activities with the PPTA Men’s Committee on issues relevant to both groups (for example, extending paid parental leave and the White Ribbon campaign).