General advice for PPTA members during the NZEI actions

Some advice that the industrial team has prepared for members about NZEI action.

Our NZEI colleagues have announced that they intend to take industrial action in pursuit of their collective agreement. NZEI has been bargaining with the government for several months, and the primary teachers’ collective expired in June 2018.

Some PPTA members have supported their primary colleagues by attending their recent paid union meetings, and many have engaged with their Kua Tai Te Wa campaign.  Feel free to offer your support too!

This industrial action does not involve anyone covered by the Area Schools Teachers Collective Agreement (ASTCA) or the Secondary Teachers Collective Agreement (STCA).

Advice for members in schools where primary teachers are going on strike

Members covered by the ASTCA and STCA may well feel supportive of their primary school colleagues, but taking any stop work action in support is illegal.

Members in intermediate or primary schools who are covered by the STCA must be in school for their allotted timetabled time on the day(s) of action. Should there be any students in school, they should be available to cover their timetabled classes up to their allotted hours for those days.

If you have a child or children at primary school

Unlike most parents, secondary teachers can’t take annual leave to supervise their primary school age children during the coming primary teachers' strike.

If you are a secondary teacher with children in primary school who will be affected by the coming strike action, some options for you are:

  • Find out if the primary school is providing basic childcare supervision for any children that have to be there.
  • Take any compensatory leave you have accrued for covering unexpected leave etc. (under 5.1A.1 (d))
  • Ask the principal of your own school if you can bring your children to work that day (their answer may depend on school policy)
  • Look for childcarers during the strike such as family, your partner, friends, other teacher’s partners, or paid sitters
  • Ask for leave under clause 6.8.1 of the STCA to take the day off to care for your child. You can can ask for paid or unpaid leave, but the school is not obliged to grant paid leave.

Note that your school does not have to agree to leave under 6.8.1. However, it doesn't cost the school anything to grant you leave without pay, and then use the staffing entitlement it saves to pay for a reliever.



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