My Page rollout FAQs


What is My Page?

  • My Page is the new PPTA membership platform. It is designed to be more user friendly and links in real-time with membership data to be more efficient for PPTA staff and members.

Does the My Page replace the PPTA web page?

  • No the My Page will only replace the (login) members only side of the website, the public facing ( will be the same.

What is the difference between the My Page on my PC/laptop and on the smartphone?

  • The look and feel are designed to be the same between accessing My Page on your PC or on your phone. The information on both is identical.

I don’t have a smartphone; can I still access the app?

  • You can still access the My Page on your PC/Laptop, but you will not be able to access the mobile app unless you have a smartphone.

Why do I need to change my password?

  • The new platform requires all members to reset their password, it is also an opportunity to update your details and change your password for added security.

Can I use my MoE number as my username?

  • While you can use your MoE number as your username, we advise against this for internet security reasons as your MoE number is your primary form of identification for payroll.

Where can I download the My Page mobile app?


How do I access the My Page?

  • First go to the following link
  • This will ask you to confirm your identity by checking your preferred email address. Once your email address is confirmed it will ask for your forename, surname and phone number to validate your details.
  • If your details are validated (correct), then you will receive an email with a reset password link. This will allow you to change your password. You can then go to the NZPPTA My Page member login and access the My Page web page.
  • The same email will also give you a link to download the smartphone app for either Apple or Android phones.
  • If your details are not validated (incorrect), then you will need to contact the membership team
  • The link is also on the homepage of our website - top right corner ""New" My Page Login"

I can’t remember my preferred email address; what should I do?

I can’t remember my phone number or don’t have a registered phone number; what should I do?

Why doesn’t my current username and password work for My Page?

  • As this is a completely new platform, it is a requirement to reset your details for the new platform.

How do I access the member benefits?

  • On the website page, the member benefits tab is in the top menu bar.

On the phone App, the member benefits are under the “News” tab at the bottom of the App. You just need to scroll down to find the member benefits.


Last modified on Wednesday, 26 June 2024 08:34