Branch Resolution Against Charter School Conversion

The Branch resolution against charter school conversion has been developed to encourage branches to affirm their desire to remain a public school. We believe it is important for teachers and school communities to take the lead in the conversation, and to make their opposition to conversion visible.  

The resolution is an affirmation which can be celebrated and shared with your principal and board. On this page are the resources to support branch chairs and members in holding a branch meeting to sign the resolution, and to take steps to present this to your School Board and Principal.

  • Branch Chair Toolkit – This is to support branch chairs in running a branch meeting, with links to important documents such as the resolution, a PowerPoint, letter templates, and additional reading resources.
  • Resolution Templates – These are editable documents which includes the Resolution against charter school conversion, as well as examples for letters to your board and principal.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - An FAQ document to help support discussion in your branch meeting.
  • Branch Meeting PowerPoint Download and edit to support you in running your branch meeting about the resolution.
  • Charter Conversion report form – Use this to indicate if your school is considering converting to charter status. This will assist with our mapping, and indicate whether you would like further support from our Field team.
  • Resolution Poster – To display on your branch noticeboard and offices when you have signed the resolution. This is a way to display and share your support of the resolution and the Standing For Public Education campaign.
  • Social Media frames and pictures – Show your support of the campaign by using our profile pictures and frames!
  • Summary of the Cabinet Paper – A New Framework for Charter Schools – a summary of the May release of a Cabinet document outlining the anticipated legislation around charter schools.
  • Original Cabinet Paper – A New Framework for Charter School – the original May release of Cabinet documents outlining anticipated legislation around charter schools.

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