Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement (STCA)

Attachment A – Terms of Reference: Secondary Teacher Workload Working Party Functions

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The working group’s scope will include:

Identify the key contributors to teacher workload in NZ secondary schools;

Review existing evidence on secondary teacher workload to:

Identify the components of workload which have a negative impact on effective teaching and learning and recruitment and retention of teaching staff;

Consider workload differences for teachers of different roles and employment arrangements.

Consider workload differences in workload across schools of different size, rurality, and decile;

Review expectations and requirements of external agencies on effective teaching and school management;

Provide advice to the Minister of Education on the above matters and on the range of responses which are available to address any identified concerns.


The Secretary for Education will chair a Secondary School Workload Group composed of:

4 representatives from the Ministry of Education;

1 representative from NZSTA;

1 representative jointly nominated from NZSPC and SPANZ;

4 representatives from NZPPTA;

1 representative from the Education Council;

Up to 2 representatives from NZQA.

NZPPTA and the Ministry will provide a joint secretariat for the group. The group will from time to time invite representatives of other organisations to assist them by the provision of information relevant to the work of the group.


The group will convene before 28th July 2016 and will complete its final report to the Minister for Education by 14th December 2016.

The group will meet monthly.

The Secretary may call any technical meetings required between the Ministry of Education and NZPPTA representatives between meetings to progress work between the monthly meetings.


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