Induction and mentoring support - Only 96 fully funded places left!

Calling all provisionally certified part time, itinerant and relief teachers and their principals - only 96 fully funded induction and mentoring support places left for 2017 - secure yours now!

The Education Council, with support from the Ministry of Education, has designed a scheme to support provisionally certificated part-time and relief teachers, working across multiple settings in early childhood services, primary and secondary settings and Communities of Learning│Kāhui Ako to gain Full Certification.

This scheme is for experienced teachers who have participated in some induction and mentoring but have been unable to gain a position of at least 0.5 FTTE in one setting for the required period because they are part-time or relief teachers.

Part-Time, Itinerant and Relief Teachers

Are you keen to move from provisional to a full practising certificate but are struggling to get the hours and support you need? Act now and avoid the need to fund and undertake TER* later.


Do you have part-time and relief teachers you want to see fully certificated? Help retain teachers in the profession by supporting them at no cost to your school.

Upon agreement and signing, the Education Council will reimburse a Host Setting for Mentor release time. The Host Setting may claim Mentor fees up to the amount of $650 + GST per term for up to four terms from the Education Council.

A travel grant ranging from $3,123 to $5,466, depending on the isolation index of the centre/school/Kāhui Ako, can also be claimed.

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* Teacher Education Refresh (TER) Programme

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