Join the PPTA's Establishing Teachers' Committee

Executive is seeking expressions of interest from members who would like to fill several vacancies that have occurred on the ETC. This is a two year term – 1 September 2019 to 31 August 2021.

The ETC was established to provide a voice for early career teachers. It meets about twice a year for a full day meeting, and at other times in conjunction with PPTA events such as Annual Conference and the Issues and Organising seminar.

The Establishing Teachers' Committee:

  • Provides advice to the Executive, to branches, and to members on issues for early career teachers
  • Works politically to influence policy and practice on issues for early career teachers
  • Liaises with other organisations to advance the union’s agenda
  • Reports regularly to Annual Conference on its work
  • Organises the biennial NETs conference

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What do I need to be a PPTA representative?

You must:

  • Be a PPTA member
  • Be in your first 10 years of teaching.
  • Be able to get release from your school to attend meetings of the ETC
  • Have shown an interest in the work of the ETC (e.g. by being a member of the NETs network or a regional NETs rep, by doing work on NETs issues in your school, and so forth)

The PPTA President and General Secretary have been delegated by the executive the task of assessing the self-nomination forms and selecting the person who can make the best contribution to the work of the Taskforce.

Members wishing to be considered for the ETC should complete and submit the form by 5pm on Friday August 30, 2019.

If you require more information, email

To self-nominate for the ETC, please fill out this online form

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