Senior leader PLD opportunity

Networking opportunities and a chance to learn alongside your peers.   

A two-day course will be held in Christchurch on the June 2 and 3, 2021, and a NorthIsland course is coming later this year.

The course is free, and travel and accommodation will be covered by PPTA. Relief funding is available if needed.

The course will cover:

Employment Law: Keeping yourself and the school compliant (and safe)

Mana and Dignity: What does this mean and how do you ensure you are upholding these values?

Leadership Theory: Developing an understanding of your own leadership style

Putting Skills into Practice: Real world examples to explore

Initial Enquiries: Develop your knowledge of best practice in this space

Consultation: Working with the Collective Agreements and the PPTA Branch

Please register your interest in the Christchurch or North Island course by emailing

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