Suffrage 125 EQUALI-TEAS

You can download everything you need to host a Suffrage 125 EQUALI-TEA here.

Here's where you can find out how to host an EQUALI-TEA for Suffrage 125 on 19 September! Together we can make a real difference to gender equality in Aotearoa New Zealand. It starts with people just like you making time to talk about why it matters. 

Preparing for your EQUALI-TEA

  • Download the posters, bunting, and information sheets below. Print them in colour to decorate the space. 
  • Find a time that suits most people and invite everyone to contribute some kai. You can be as fancy as you like - from scones and tea to colour themes or cake decorations. Get creative! 
  • Send around the information sheet along with an invitation to your workmates. Print some for on the day too. Bring some coloured pens for people to fill in the Equal Pay posters. 
  • Have some union sign up forms on hand so people can join during your event.

Hosting your EQUALI-TEA

On Suffrage Day, 19 September, update your profile on social media to remind people how important gender equality is, and talk about how we can make Aotearoa fair and equal for everybody. At your EQUALI-TEA, you can invite your colleagues to take action to support gender equality in your workplace or community. You could:

  • Share the history of Suffrage in New Zealand and our long journey towards equal pay
  • Join your union 
  • Check if your workplace has equal employment policies, and if they don’t, request them
  • Work together to prevent bullying, harassment and sexual violence by making a workplace plan 
  • Update your colleagues on PPTA's equal pay case for pro-rata non-contact time for part time teachers
  • Share what you earn, so you can see if everyone is paid fairly. You could request a formal gender audit at your workplace and report back 
  • Talk about how you can help each other make your workplace and community fair for everybody, and make a list of changes you can work on together

Sharing your EQUALI-TEA

Lead by example!

Take a picture of each other holding your posters with your reasons for supporting pay equality and post it on your social media with the hashtag #equalitea.

Let us know how many people were at your EQUALI-TEA and what you did, so we can all share in making Aotearoa fairer together.



Click here to download bunting (pdf)

Table banner

table card

Click here to download the A4 table banner (pdf)


Interactive poster

Click here to download the A3 poster (pdf)

Information sheet

Info sheet

Click here to download an A4 information sheet (pdf)

Click here to download an A5 information sheet (two to a page) (pdf)

Social media images

Facedbook pics

Click here to download the Solidarity Sister social media pic (jpg)

Click here to download the Solidarity Mister social media pic (jpg)

Click here to download the Solidarity Superhero social media pic (jpg)

Click here to download the Solidarity Hipster social media pic (jpg)

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