2018 Pasifika Fono

July 16, 2018

PPTA Pasifika Fono

The PPTA Pasifika Fono 2018, Ama Takiloa, is open to all Pasifika teachers and all teachers of Pasifika students. 

Ama Takiloa means to light the way in the Tongan language.  Ama is the torch and Takiloa is to lead into the future.

The Fono programme includes inspiring speakers and a range of workshops.  The theme Ama Takiloa encourages educators to be that torch that will light the way and lead our youth to prosperous futures.   There will be three strands to Ama Takiloa: lighting the way for ourselves, lighting the way in our communities and lighting the way in our classrooms.  The fono will be both enlightening and motivational for those that work with Pasifika students. 

The aim is to continue the work of our previous Pasifika fono; Voyaging the Future, The Niu Generation, Pasifika Voices, Lalaga: making connections and Talanoa for Pasifika Success.  Ama Takiloa will provide our teachers with tools that will enable them to be successful leaders for the Pasifika students they teach.

When and where

It is being held at the Holiday Inn Auckland Airport, 2 Ascot Road, Mangere, Auckland.  The fono starts on Monday 16 July 2018, with registration from 9.00am and the opening ceremony at 9.30am.  There is a Pasifika themed conference dinner on Monday night.  The fono closes with afternoon tea at 4.00pm on Tuesday, 17 July 2018.

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