PPTA 2018 Annual Conference

The PPTA Annual Conference is where your elected representatives decide PPTA policy.

This year, the conference will run from Tuesday October 2 through Thursday October 4 at the Brentwood Hotel on Kemp Street in Kilbirnie, Wellington.

The papers that will be discussed and debated cover topics including the review of Tomorrow’s Schools, the development of career pathways for teachers, STCA bargaining, the NCEA review, and more.

Speakers include Minister of Education Chris Hipkins, Children’s Commissioner Judge Andrew Becroft, Australian Education Union deputy federal president Maurie Mulheron, West Virginia Education Association president and US National Education Association executive member Dale Lee (who was a leader in the recent US teacher strikes), and Jay McLaren-Harris, a Nga Manu Korero winner in 2017.


2018 Annual conference papers

PPTA Te Wehengarua annual conference papers suggest the policy and direction for the PPTA. The papers may be written by PPTA branches (schools) or PPTA regions, or they may come from the PPTA Executive.

These papers have been developed by PPTA Executive and/or PPTA regions, are developed and consolidated by the regions, and receive approval at the annual conference to become part of the association’s policy.

Conference paper recommendations may be changed or removed during conference debate. The minutes of the conference record the recommendations that delegates to the conference voted on and carried (passed).

Annual conference papers are available to download here:

Auckland Name Change

Career Pathways - Subject Pedagogy Specialists

Constitutional Amendments

Improving the Communities of Schools Model

Looking After Yourself

Professional Learners

The Tomorrow's Schools Review

Time to Review and Strengthen Treaty Partnerships

Time to Review-and-Strengthen-Treaty-Partnerships (Maori version)


How to attend the 2018 PPTA Annual Conference

The PPTA team in your region is selecting delegates now – let them know you're interested!

If you have been selected by your regional PPTA team to attend the Annual Conference, you need to have a read of our Info For Attendees document, then fill out a registration form.

You can register in three ways:

(1)    Fill out an online form:

Click here if you are based in the Wellington or Hutt Valley region

Click here if you are based anywhere else in New Zealand

(2)    Print out a form, fill it out, then send it to PPTA National Office:

Click here if you are based in the Wellington or Hutt Valley region

Click here if you are based anywhere else in New Zealand

(3)    Email Louise (LMortland@ppta.org.nz), let her know your region,  and she will email you a form to print, fill out, and send back.






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