Executive and Presidential Elections 2018

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October 22, 2018

Elections will soon be held for the following positions:

  • PPTA junior vice president: see and hear from the candidates here
  • Executive member – Auckland-Southern Region
  • Executive member – Auckland-Western Region
  • Executive Member – Hawke’s Bay/East Coast Region
  • Executive Member – Canterbury Region


2018 election timeline

1 – 5 Oct

Nominations declared at Annual Conference 3 October

8 – 12 Oct

Ballot materials completed and posted to branches.

15 – 19 Oct

Ballot materials and PPTA News received in branches – voting begins.

22 – 26 Oct

Voting continues with ballot closing at 5pm Friday 26 October.

29 Oct – 2 Nov

Counting begins Tuesday 30 October.  Individuals told.  Results declared by Friday 2 November. 







Ballots are conducted at each branch by a returning officer and a number of scrutineers (at least one).

Neither the returning officer nor any scrutineer is to be a candidate in this election, although candidates can appoint scrutineers if they wish.


Who May Vote

Every full member who at 12 September 2018 was recorded as financial as shown on the enclosed electoral roll, and those who were not full members or financial as at 12 September 2018 but have contracted to pay full subscriptions between then and 26 September 2018, may vote.  This includes pro-rata (part-time) and relieving teachers who are entitled to full membership and who have contracted to pay the appropriate subscription rate for such persons.

Who May Not Vote

Student members and honorary members are not entitled to vote.

Individual Voting

Any financial member who does not wish to participate in the voting being arranged within the Branch may exercise his/her vote by email or postal ballot and may email or post his/her voting paper direct to:

PPTA Returning Officer
Freepost 103122
P O Box 2119

The ballot must be received no later than 5pm on Friday 26 October 2018.

Small Branches

In small Branches where there may be difficulty in appointing a suitable person as either Returning Officer or scrutineer and, at the same time, preserving the need for the ballot to be a secret one, members should vote as individuals and email or post their voting papers directly to the PPTA Returning Officer, Freepost 103122, PO Box 2119, Wellington, to be received no later than 5 pm on Friday 26 October 2018.


See the documents attached above for further details.

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