Wellbeing Workshops

The Wellbeing Workshop is a one-day course run through Worksafe Reps. All six sessions are covered in a single day. Registration is free, but schools need to cover relief and travel.

Here are the Wellbeing Workshop dates for 2021. Click the appropriate link to fill out a registration form.

Tuesday, 10 August 2021


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Thursday, 12 August 2021


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Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Zoom (video conference)

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Workshop outline

The Wellbeing Workshop is a one-day (9am to 4pm) six-session course, based on the PPTA Education Worker Wellbeing Strategy and Framework. The resources are taken from a variety of sources including WorkSafe NZ’s Good Practice Guidelines, MBIE resources on harassment, WHO Protecting Workers’ Health, WorkSafe Victoria, Mental Health Foundation, Safe and positive Workplaces (State Service Commission), Netsafe, Worksafe Australia.

Aim of the Wellbeing Workshop

This workshop will enable school staff wellbeing to:

  • identify features of proactive, respectful workplace cultures
  • identify negative features of workplaces
  • explain bullying and harassment definitions
  • review legislation and duties in relation to bullying and harassment
  • identify clear roles and responsibilities when workplace bullying or harassment occurs
  • explore the stages of working through a workplace bullying incident as a health and safety representative
  • understand how Health and Safety Reps can support workers when unacceptable behaviour incidents occur
  • use a risk management approach to build a positive workplace
  • plan actions to create proactive, respectful workplace cultures

Note: a single workshop consists of all six sessions outlined below, so you do not need to register for more than one date. You will get the full course in one day.

Session 1: Wellbeing and Positive Workplaces

This session looks at the definitions of wellbeing in the context of the PPTA Wellbeing Strategy and Framework. It looks at wellbeing in the health and safety context and what that means for schools’ health and safety systems. The session also examines what a positive workplace should look like.

This session covers:

  • the definitions of wellbeing;
  • wellbeing within organisations;
  • the PPTA whakapapa and future directions;
  • the PPTA Wellbeing Strategy and Framework;
  • wellbeing within a health and safety context
  • successful health and safety systems;
  • working towards creating positive workplaces

Session 2: Unacceptable behaviour

This session looks at the definitions of unacceptable behaviour, harassment and bullying; the impact of unacceptable behaviour and the costs to the workplace. The session will also cover workplace conflict, organisational factors around behaviour, and how organisations respond to workplace harassment.

This session covers:

  • the definition of unacceptable behaviour
  • what bullying is and is not
  • other unacceptable behaviour including harassment
  • the impact of bullying and harassment and the cost to the workplace
  • workplace conflict
  • organisational factors
  • how organisations respond to bullying and harassment

Session 3: Legal duty to manage unacceptable behaviour

This session explores the various laws that govern unacceptable behaviour such as the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, Employment Relations Act, and the Harassment Act 1997.

This session covers:

  • The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015
  • The Employment Relations Act 2000
  • The Human Rights Act 1993
  • The Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015
  • The Harassment Act 1997
  • The Crimes Act 1961

Session 4: Responding to Unacceptable Behaviour

This session covers roles of the H&S Rep. and Union delegates in supporting works that experience inappropriate behaviour. The session also looks at guidelines for dealing with complains, workplace and other factors that may increase the risk of bullying behaviour.

This session covers:

  • The role of the H&S representative
  • The role of the union delegates
  • A guide for dealing with complaints
  • Supporting workers who have been harassed or bullied at work
  • Examples of workplace factors that could allow or limit bullying
  • Other factors that may increase the risk of bullying behaviour

Session 5: A Risk Management Approach

This session explores the risk management system to identify the risk of bullying and to help prevent bullying.

This session covers:

  • Risk management to help prevent bullying and harassment
  • Identification of the risk of bullying and harassment
  • Assessing the risk of inappropriate behaviour
  • Monitoring the risk of bullying and harassment

Session 6: Creating a Positive Culture in your Workplace

This session looks at ways that workplaces can create positive cultures for workers.

This session covers:

  • How workplaces can create a positive workplace culture
  • Actions that can improve workplace culture
  • Your action plan for taking steps towards a positive workplace

Participants will also be given helpful examples of good practice for workplaces to develop positive culture, encouraging people to stand up to workplace harassment, five ways of wellbeing, and how to encourage respectful online interactions.

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