Te Tatau ki te Ao Māori questionnaire

The purpose of this questionnaire is to gain an understanding of where you are in your journey of Te Reo Māori and your goals for this professional development.

If this is the first time you are learning Te Reo Māori just put our current year. Please answer the questions as best you can. Your answers will help us design a course that would build on your existing skill level. The information that you provide will not be shared beyond our learning and development team.

Do you enjoy learning Te Reo Māori?
How likely are you to practice in your own time?
Do you use Te Reo Māori in everyday life?
Do you implement Te Reo Māori in your working space (classroom, office)?
How likely are you to do so now that you are a part of Te Tatau?
What is your skill level with the Māori pronunciation of vowels?
Can you hold a conversation in te reo Māori?
What is your skill level with Māori numbers?
Can you count further than 10 in Māori?
How familiar are you with your local history?
Translate the following dates and times:
Please write the following answers in Te Reo māori, as best you can:
Translate the following sentences as best you can
Answer the following questions as best you can. They are about the process of a pōhiri.

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