Activism through art

Bringing out the best through the crafted voice

Textile artist Rosie White has found a crafty way of supporting the Bring out the Best campaign and would like you to join her.

Rosie makes beautiful work about tough subjects and would like to use her art as activism to help teachers achieve positive change in the profession. She is working with PPTA on a project where we collectively make textile art to send to decision-makers, stitched with our desires for education, teaching and the children we teach.

She says, “Recently I rediscovered Sarah Corbett and craftivism, a gentle kind form of activism”.

Using crafting skills to reach the decision makers

Corbett is part of an activist family and went to her first protest march as toddler. As an adult she worked for not for profit organisations, but she found the constant battle and fight exhausting. One day on a train journey, she stitched instead of working, and arrived at her destination relaxed and refreshed. She understood how making craft refreshed her soul. She decided then and there to use her crafting skills in a different way.

Instead of fighting for change she began to use her craft as a way to get alongside people, understand them regardless of their political persuasion and work with them.
Rosie says, “I too am tired of fighting and sick of hate politics. If only we could vote for issues rather than parties. I really want to see change, and reach people who make decisions about our lives; gently, and in a kind way."

You don’t have to be a whiz with a needle

The purpose of our project is to give you the opportunity to craft your voice into a ‘dream’ for members of the Education and Workforce Select Committee and the Education Review team.

Teachers want the best for every child and we’re sure our decision-makers do too. This is a chance to make a connection with them and to share our dreams and aspirations for an education system that works for every child and every teacher.

The project is a form of activism, expressing in a few words what you want to see for education.

If you would like to be involved please get in touch with PPTA women's officer Liz Robinson. You don't have to be a whiz with a needle, full training will be given.


Rosie White and Jess OBrien

Rosie White and Jess O’Brien making up craftivism packs

Craftivism Liz Robinson

PPTA women's officer Liz Robinson's craftivist output

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