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All Novopay payslips to arrive by email

Paper payslips will soon be extinct.

So that all teachers and support staff get their payslips in a timely, secure and reliable way, Education Payroll (which runs the Novopay service) will soon be sending them out solely via email.

This means that paper payslips will no longer be sent through the mail.

Anyone who currently receives payslips in the post will need to provide a working email address to in order to receive their payslips: if this is you, please give your email address to the payroll administrator at your school so they can update Novopay’s records.

The last pay that payslips will be posted to employees is October 10, 2018. From October 24, all payslips will be via email.


Why are paper Novopay payslips stopping?

  • Postal delivery of payslips is slow and inefficient. Many people receive payslips very late, or not at all.
  • With email, employees will have copies that they can easily access at any time.
  • Email is also more secure, as the payslip is password protected.
  • Emailed payslips have a smaller environmental footprint.

How can I get Novopay to update my email address?

Novopay acts on instruction from authorised users in your school. Only they can update details in the Novopay system. Please supply the payroll administrator at your school with your email address and they can update the records on your behalf.

What about teachers and support staff who don’t have access to email?

If an employee does not have a personal email address, they may use their school email address (if they have one) to receive their payslip. Otherwise, they will need to set one up. There are many free email services such as Gmail that can be used.

When are paper payslips stopping?

The last time paper payslips will be sent via the post is October 10, 2018. From the following payday (October 24), all payslips will be via email.



Last modified on Tuesday, 18 September 2018 11:57