Are you on the Māori electoral roll?

Information for PPTA members on the Māori electoral roll

Do you have Māori whakapapa?


Are you on the Māori Electoral Roll?

Āe. Ka rawe!

Kāo? Read on...

If you whakapapa Māori you can opt to also include yourself on the PPTA Māori Electoral Roll (MER). Being on the MER ensures that our kaupapa Māori office holders can share information and liaise with you directly. It’s the best way to stay up to date with Ngā Take Māori and ensures you receive the pānui from Te Huarahi and information about any hui Māori including the annual Māori Teachers’ Conference.

To update your membership to include yourself on the PPTA MER, please email your full name and MOE number to subject: Māori electoral roll – add me.


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