Better funding, not bulk funding

Liz Robinson observes that many outside the education sector share PPTA's objection to bulk funding - including the NZ Seniors' Party

It was always a risk that our opposition to bulk funding may not be supported by the media or within our communities. We knew we had to do it though, and together with NZEI Te Riu Roa we’ve stood strong and painted the picture of the education system we’d like to see.

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A properly funded education system would prioritise teaching and learning and put our young people at the centre of decision-making. It would value teaching staff and recognise their wisdom when it comes to what’s right for kids.

People get it. And they’ve been writing to tell us – it’s heartening.

Here’s a lovely email we received the other day from Paul Rae of the NZ Seniors Party. It says it all.

“The NZ Seniors Party agree that the proposed "Global Budget " by government is a step back in time, back to the 1990's. Bulk funding does not work it will only lead to a lower standard of education for our children.

This government is putting costs in front of education, the only thing this proposal will achieve is larger class numbers with fewer teachers to teach in them.

Education along with the health sector should be the two main sectors funded by government with more not less being invested in both.

Education should be run by those qualified to do so, not by overpaid bureaucrats and accountants in government.

NZ Seniors Party stands beside our educators in rejecting this proposal as will I am sure the parents of the children affected by it.

Our children are our future, they deserve the best education available - bulk funding is not the answer.

Common sense has gone out the window, it did not work on the 90's and it certainly will not work today.”



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