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Regular day relief teachers will be paid over the shutdown period

Update for 31 March:

Pay for relief teachers

The Ministry of Education has set up an emergency fund to pay relief teachers whose schools have not already set up an automatic payment.

The emergency fund is for anyone who has worked as a reliever this year, and will be based on their average hours of work across all their schools.

If you have had payments set up by one or some but not all of your schools, you will not be ‘topped up’ by this Ministry of Education emergency fund. If you are in this position contact your other schools and request they set up payments for you now.

All payments will be made in the two pay cycles that fall within the Level 4 alert time: 8 April and 22 April. If schools remain closed after this time, we expect that further payments will be made.

Teachers, including relievers, are not eligible for any other government assistance at this time.

If you need help with any issues relating to pay for relievers, please contact the PPTA duty field officer on 0800 778 243.



Update 25 March, 11:47am:

Please note, schools should aim to have automatic payments for relievers set up today.

As of tomorrow, all regular relievers (and non-regular relievers) who do not have an automatic payment set up will be able to contact a support centre at MoE. Details to follow – help is coming.

Here is the advice that came out through the MoE bulletin yesterday:

"If you have day relief teachers who work in your school on a regular basis set them up on autopay for the number of days they usually work. These should include any day relievers that you would have expected to book in for the rest of the term if the school had not closed to students today and the term dates had not been moved."

PPTA clarifications:

  • Relief teachers do not have to be actually booked in for this time. Rather, schools should work out whether they would have been needed, based on normal patterns of relief.
  • When calculating these "usual" hours, take an average number of hours worked over the current year. Be generous – round this average up.
  • If the reliever was actually booked for more hours than their average for the rest of the term, they should be paid at that (higher) rate.

Here's a quick Q&A that we hashed out with the MoE

Is there a definition of ‘regularly employed'?
We have left this somewhat up to schools as we do not want to be restrictive. We have made it clear that this should include any relievers that a school that would usually expect to book at this stage in the term, but schools may also have regular people they work with.

What advice do you suggest should be given to 'non-regular' day relievers?
We are setting up support for the centre for this. We hope to have more details available shortly – certainly within a few days. This will include a way that relievers can let us know online that they need support.

Who bears the cost of the day relievers on autopay?
We hope schools take a generous view of this, as they will have been looking to expend funding for relief staff as part of normal operations. As above, we have confirmed that funding should be provided centrally due to the change in term dates, as many relievers are likely to now be paid on autopay over what would usually be the term break.

In summary

The aim is to get as many relief teachers on an automatic payment today based on a generous estimate of what they would have earned in four weeks’ of relief teaching.

As of tomorrow, all regular relievers (and non-regular relievers) who do not have an automatic payment set up will be able to contact a support centre at MoE. Details to follow – help is coming.



Original story, 24 March 2020:

Principals have been advised by the Ministry to set up an automatic payment for day relief teachers who work in their school on a regular basis.

This automatic payment will be for the number of days they usually work in a pay cycle. The automatic payment will be for at least the four weeks of shutdown, and will include the two weeks holiday period from March 30th to April 14th.

The Ministry has been clear that their first priority is to ensure income security and wishes to set up as many people as possible on automatic payments to provide peace of mind for teachers. If you need advice about how your automatic payment, please contact your local field officer.

Here is the Ministry's update for 23 March that reiterates the above.

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