He showed me being a little bit different was an asset

Illustrator and writer Toby Morris talks about the teacher who brought out the best in him

"I'll always be thankful for my favourite high school teacher Tom Hunter.

As a comics obsessed kid my interests didn't always fit into the usual curriculum, but Mr Hunter recognised and encouraged my skills and interests and helped steer me into paths that would come to define my life.

He got me interested in media and politics and good films and most importantly he showed me that being a little bit different was an asset, not a hindrance. He treated all his students with respect and maturity - he talked to us like equals and made us feel like we had something to say. He trusted us and we trusted him.

Thanks Mr Hunter - I wouldn't be where I am today without you."

Toby Morris is a cartoonist, comic artist, illustrator and writer. He draws regular cartoons for The Spinoff and RNZ and is the author of several graphic novels and children's books.


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