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PPTA News talks with Nina Hood, founder of new research resource the Education Hub.

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Nina Hood

Q: In a couple of sentences please explain what The Education Hub is all about

A: The Education Hub has a mission to bridge the gap between research and practice in education. There’s lots of great research taking place in our universities, however, it’s not routinely finding its way into the classroom or leading to changes in practice. At the same time we have exceptional teachers across the country who are doing lots of innovative things but we are not always very good at identifying this innovative practice, or capturing it and sharing it across the system.

Q: What will teachers get out of it?

A: We are creating free, trustworthy and usable resources on topics that matter to teachers, including research overviews, school case studies, and interviews with researchers, which will enable teachers to easily stay up to date with the latest research in education. Teachers will also be able to submit questions for researchers to answer. From March we will be running a series of monthly events to complement our online offerings. These will include research seminars and teacher Q+A sessions where expert teachers share practical strategies and answer questions on key topics.

Q: What are you providing that isn’t already out there?

A: At the moment there’s no one-stop-shop for accessible and up-to-date research for teachers or a way for teachers to easily engage with researchers.

Q: How will you decide which research to share?

A: Last year we did a nationwide survey of teachers asking them about what topics they’d most like to have up-to-date research on. We have used this feedback to identify the first topics we are focusing on, which include assessment for learning and feedback, learning skills, the science of how we learn, high expectations teaching, and using data and evidence to inform practice.

Q: How do you plan to deal with any copyright issues?

A: At the moment we are creating our own materials and so are not facing copyright issues.

Q: How is this being funded? Will it always be free to access?

A: Currently, we are philanthropically funded. We believe that teachers should always have free access to knowledge and will endeavour to ensure that we always offer free resources.

Q: Briefly walk us through your plan to establish professional learning circles.

A: A strong piece of feedback from teachers was that while they want access to information online they also want opportunities to network and share ideas in person. This year we will be trialling a professional learning circle focused on assessment for learning. The learning circle will enable a group of up to 20 teachers, with the support of an expert facilitator, to delve deeper into the research on assessment for learning, to discuss and share strategies and practices, and to experiment in their practice.

Q: Will these be the same as subject associations? Is there room for both?

A: Subject associations play a really important role and we are not trying to replace or compete with them. The learning circles are not subject-specific, but rather are focused on a particular teaching approach and can be joined by teachers from any subject area.

Q: How can teachers access it?

A: The resources we are creating will be shared on our website and also will be disseminated via social media. Our events are free and open to anyone, and details can be found on our website. We also will be uploading a video of each event to our website for those who cannot attend in person. For people who are interested in joining a learning circle, they can register their interest on our website or send an email (below). 

We are always keen to connect with teachers and school leaders. If would like to get in touch, send us an email and for regular updates on our work and offerings, follow us on social media and sign up to our newsletter.


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