It's time to bring out the best

Real teachers telling real stories - PPTA’s Bring out the best campaign highlights the vital work teachers do.

Teachers want to bring out the best in their students 

When we ask teachers why they teach they invariably say it’s the relationships that are the biggest reward; that feeling when a child has a ‘lightbulb’ moment, the satisfaction when you build a whānau relationship that boosts a student’s confidence; the day you know that the passion you have for a subject has imbued your class with curiosity and delight.

Teachers want to bring out the best in their students. They want them to leave school equipped with the skills, confidence, values and knowledge that will allow them to make the most of every opportunity in life.

PPTA members bring out the best

PPTA members bring out the best in other teachers, by organising in their schools to make sure everyone has their rights as workers, and by standing up on educational issues that matter to the teaching profession.

It’s a big role, and one that carries with it a duty of care and responsibility. Teachers play an important role in making New Zealand a better place for all of us to live and grow.

Spreading the word about the great work teachers do

‘Bring out the best’ aims to give people a glimpse into the real lives of the people who make the profession what it is.

We’re launching a campaign to highlight the wonderful work that teachers do. Over the next couple of months you’ll start to see posters and media featuring real teachers telling their stories.

We’ll be showcasing real PPTA members and asking people to tell their stories of teachers who ‘brought out the best’ in them. We’ll also be providing lots of tools to help you participate in your schools and in social media. You can help by sharing your story too.

Keeping it positive

This year, with unprecedented shortages of teachers, and the secondary teachers’ collective agreement expiring, there’s real momentum to make much needed improvements.

We know that being a secondary teacher in 2018 isn’t all fluffy-bunnies and daffodils, and we’re not going to go soft on the issues that matter to members. While we’re talking about the positives, we know that there’s a long way to go to get things right.

Shared stories 

Illustrator and writer Toby Morris and creative marketer Anna Dean have already shared stories about the teachers that brought out the best in them. You can read them here:

Toby Morris - "He showed me being a little bit different was an asset" 

Anna Dean - "A lifetime appreciation of the English language" 

 To join us on the journey and to help us to bring out the best, keep an eye out for the soon to be launched 


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