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PPTA's 19,000th member Lucy Richardson talks with PPTA News

Papanui High School guidance counsellor Lucy Richardson’s first two weeks of PPTA membership involved meeting president Jack Boyle and joining 50,000 teachers in a nationwide strike.

“It’s been pretty exciting so far!,” she said.

In a sign of growing teacher solidarity, PPTA membership has reached 19,000 for the first time and Lucy was lucky number 19,000. To mark the occasion she received a visit from our president and was given a copy of PPTA’s history, Those Who Can Teach.

I work with teenagers to help make a difference

Lucy had been a teacher for five years before retraining as a counsellor and joining the Papanui High School guidance department and is still a fully registered teacher.

“I work with teenagers to help make a difference, to help improve their wellbeing and to help them reach their potential,” she said.

Lucy joined the union to help others and have back up herself.

“To support the work our union is doing to improve working conditions for teachers and other school staff and for personal support should I need it,” she said.

I am thankful to be part of this organisation

In terms of being member 19,000, Lucy is pleased to be part of a growing membership. “It is good to know that there are so many others out there also fighting to improve conditions for teachers. To belong to a community of people all over the country who are out there making a difference for teenagers.”

Lucy sees the big issues facing teachers today as workload, “having to work in the evenings on a regular basis”, pay in relation to the hours of work each week and lack of support in the classroom.
More funding to increase teacher aide ratio in the classroom and more funding for mental health support were also important to her.

“I am thankful to be part of this organisation,” she said.

Why we do what we do

PPTA president Jack Boyle said it was a privilege to meet Lucy and that she was the perfect example of the members PPTA works hard to represent.

“Her support of our students in her work as a guidance counsellor is vital and her solidarity in joining her colleagues around the country to strike in just her second week of membership is so appreciated.

“Members like Lucy are why we do what we do,” he said.

Joining up is easy! 

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